Don't you find it strange that eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and others actually help you maintain a healthy body? Who said it had to be that way? Why couldn't ice cream, cake and these types of food be the healthier options?

Isn't it strange how running, swimming and other physical activities keep our body in shape? Why isn't it the other way around? Why doesn't sitting around doing nothing keep us healthy? Why is it a certain way?

Why is it that we are actually able to learn and remember things? Who's to say it had to be that way? Why don't we forget everything immediately each morning and start fresh?

Does it ever seem odd that our world is growth oriented? People start small and grow larger. Trees start small and grow larger. Minds start small and grow larger. Who said it had to be this way? Why don't things start large and grow smaller?

Why is it that things can happen exactly the same each time? For instance, if you pluck a "G" on a guitar it will always sound the same. Who's to say it had to be this way? Why such consistency?

Why does this consistency we call science do what it does? Is science trying to tell us or make us do something? Why is there this scientific framework that seems to always know the correct choices even if we don't?

I sense an extreme bias in our universe and I like its perspective :).

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Concerned: Very interesting

I like the way you think. The same is true with history. Why don't we learn from it instead of allowing it to repeat itself. We have all of our past experiences in our country and others around the world documented in text books, newspapers, journals, etc, and though it seems we are always destined to repeat it and make the same mistakes. Why can't it be as obvious as knowing what foods are good for you and which ones are bad, or that exercise is good and laziness is bad. These are interesting things to think about. Sometimes I wonder if the world is taking one big test, and then given the chance to take the test again in hopes of better results, and then again, and again until ultimately we fail once and for all if we don't learn eventually.

Steph: You remind me very much of

You remind me very much of myself.
You seem very opinionated, but you are actually very open minded.
What is truth? sigh*

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