In every age and in every country, the people of every nation have always supported a dictator.
Ludwig Von Mises

But why? Why is it that people have always given up everything they have to bow to the king and kiss his ring? Why do people love supporting dictators and giving away their power?

This is a very big topic and I it can be answered many ways. Here is one take on it:

When nations are founded they are usually founded by just a small group of people of high integrity and intelligence - just a small clique who is interested in the pursuit of truth and development. This group inevitably helps others by creating a prosperous body that others may be able to benefit from, although these others may not necessarily coincide with or agree with the views of the founders. They were never part of the group of hard working and dedicated individuals that created this opportunity for them.

Look at the American Revolutionary War, only 3% of Americans actually got up and fought for America - the rest simply stayed home and watched basketball, so to speak. It has been this way for a long time and will most likely continue to be this way for a long time. And because of this we are going to always experience the tearing of a lesser energy sucking from that of a greater energy.

With all great civilizations you have a small nucleus of energy at the heart of the formation, a few people that represent the pinnacle of human development, and this group creates a huge stir in the world as it creates the new development. Unfortunately, there are but few great men in the world and as a result nobody is able to sustain this high level of moral, integrity and wisdom. Slowly but surely we experience the sucking of the lesser taking from the greater.

And such is the cycle of life. Majority of people can't and don't want to take care of themselves. Self-responsibility is foreign to their character. They don't want to develop their spiritual, emotional or even physical well-being. They want to engage their senses in whatever impulse strikes them.

Couple this with a small group of extremely intelligent people who want nothing more than power and you have all the ingredients needed for a dictatorship: Many stupid, lawless, apathetic people ready to support the every whim of the king and his aristocratic pupils. The king is able to afford all his luxuries and maintain his control by the expenditure of the people working to support their dictator. They are too consumed by daily life that they can never emerge or figure out how to grow past their paradigm of complete servitude. And dictators will do well to support the debauchery and vice practiced by his serfs as they dig their grave deeper each day, never for a minute suspecting that they've been had.

I say these things in light of the United States of America and the decline that we have seen. We are just about reaching our end and as I look back and study history I can see how it happened, why it happened and who was involved in making it happen.

I find it interesting that it is normal for people to make decisions that are almost completely the opposite of what the American Constitution says. We love Independence Day, but don't understand the premise of the Declaration of Independence declaring independence from the King. People have totally accepted the complete reversal of almost everything as a result of ignorance and apathy. They have accepted their own demise and are eagerly supporting it more and more on a daily basis - with high praise. It's like a sucking spiral spinning to the depths of hell and the people are loving every minute of the ride. They can't get enough of giving their money to criminals, destroying families, killing people, educating people on fallacies and denying God.

So why do people support a dictator? Because they have weaknesses that they are on this earth to help mend. But the king knows this and will do well to exploit such weaknesses and use these against the people for his own gain. And so this is the cycle of dictators ruling the world and the people loving it.

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Concerned: Great post

This is the sad reality of what is going on in our country and the world today. The vast majority of people are completely ignorant of the fact that the elected scum are stripping us of our freedoms on a daily basis via incremental interventionist policies that result in the erosion of our individual liberties. People will not wake up I'm afraid until it's too late and all of our freedom is gone for good. I say gone for good because it is not rational to suppose that we could have another revolution. The Revolutionary War in America was fought at a time when weapons were not nearly as advanced as they are today. Thus, it is doubtful that we could ever fight to restore our freedoms when the governments today possess the strongest weapons imaginable. Additionally, with tyranny comes plenty of worthless scum in the ranks of government and military to support the dictator in return for power, money, and more freedom than the peasants who do not serve. Please realize that I am an Iraq veteran who proudly served the country I love, but I do understand how easy it could be for the military to change into one that supports a dictator. The majority of men and women in the U.S. military do not believe in this nor would they wish to support it, however it will happen on a slow and continuing basis that will transform them and their beliefs. Our great nation is nearing the end of a long and prosperous run, but looking at the political spectrum today it is hard to imagine anything else. The elected officials do not care what we the people want and there is proof in the bills they keep trying to pass. For instance, health care, whereas the majority of Americans poled do not support it, yet they are not slowing down on forcing it through the least. And you would think we would vote these scum out of office but it never happens, or at least the ones that do get booted are merely replaced with more scum of the opposite party. Republicans and Democrats are both equal scum with no respect to the people. We need more people who support freedom and the only party I have found that supports such is the Libertarian party which I am a proud member of. But ultimately the parties in politics become corrupt once entering office and fail the people over and over again. In conclusion, I fear that the worst is inevitable. I don't mean to be pessimistic but it is reality. People are beginning to wake up but mostly all they do is sit around and complain and choose another political scum from the other party.

Lexie P: It's an outrage!

I was totally amateur of criticizing especially when it comes to our country’s present condition. After hearing and watching all the news about political scam,lies and other issues that involves money,they are considered as no help in our country’s progress. For instance the immediate reaction by mortgage companies to the housing market collapse was to tighten credit.They pulled in the reins so much that almost no one who needed money could get it. This seemed a justifiable reaction considering the magnitude of the economic turmoil.A problem with looking back too long is that it doesn't encourage moving forward. The role of appraisers now has become one of defender of the bank. They may have swung too far the other way, and are being reactive to the crisis just like they were to the conditions that caused it - and those that don't study the past are doomed to repeat it. This is just one of the major problems unsolved by our country. Many businesses have melt down and are affected by our economic condition. If we are going to criticize it all this dictators are no good and will not help us instead they will add to our burdens.So, all of us must realize that no one can help our country but ourselves.

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