A recent article on Yahoo pretty much sums it up: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20071003/wr_nm/target_blind_dc_4.

"According to the ruling, plaintiffs -- including the National Federation of the Blind -- claim Target.com violates federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination against the disabled."

This is definitely taking things too far. First of all, Target is not discriminating anyone. They're not saying blind people are not allowed to view our website because we discriminate against them. They simply did not make their website accessible to blind people and that's their business decision, it's not discrimination.

If overlooking things could be considered discrimination you could think of thousands of ways any company is discriminating against certain groups. This is a terrible argument. McDonalds is discriminating against PETA because they server beef in their burgers. Wal-Mart discriminates against the handicapped because the motorized carts I ride on don't go as fast as walking. Microsoft discriminates against fat people because you get fat sitting around using a PC all day. Google discriminates against me because they won't make me 50% owner. I mean seriously, where do you draw the line?

The underlying factor here isn't so much Target and the blind, but more or less America and the disabled. Because people are disabled some of them think that gives them a free ticket. Does it?

Well, first of all, define "disabled." Are disabled people blind, handicapped, fat, did they get there by choice, were they born that way? There are a lot of factors that go into it, and regardless of what they are people are disabled for a reason. Yes, yes, argue with me all you want but either for strength or for punishment, things happen for a reason. Everyone has problems and everyone has to deal with them. I'll expand more on this topic in another post.

Final Thoughts

I totally understand how challenging and hard it may be to live a blind life. But regardless of your circumstances you deal with it. Everyone has crap to deal with in their lives and things that suck. Just because things don't go your way you don't go around complaining and trying to make a quick buck.

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