It seems to me like people have certain things backwards when it comes to developing their character. I think this post may be a bit of a stretch, but it's just some thoughts I had.

With People

When it comes to people many are quite selfish. Every person has value. It doesn't matter who it is, they offer value. Your job should be to find it, nurture it and love it. A wise person once said, "The love that you withhold is the pain that you endure", and it is absolutely true.

Why would you want to create a negative reality for yourself by being selfish? The force of growth is not one of selfishness. People develop selfishness by being better than others at things, by being more fortunate, by being smarter and many other ways, but that by no means gives any reason on why you are better and should be withholding love.

Being selfish can truly destroy a person. Each time you withhold love you are destroying the connections people have between one another. The less connections there are the more things like ego, greed, pride and selfishness start to take over. If you truly are not selfish and think all people are equal you would not have an ego, greed or pride. You would be completely content humbling yourself before others.

The way to create connections with people is to show love to one another.

With Jobs

When it comes their job most people are waaaaaay too nice. A persons career is one of the most important parts of our current society, so why on Earth wouldn't you be selfish about it? This is the time when you should be doing something that you enjoy doing, something that feeds off of your unique abilities and something that only you can truly appreciate.

Why would you want to be satisfied with a boss or manager when they are keeping you from doing what you really want to do? Why would you want to allow somebody else to control your life when it's your life? If you want to live on auto-pilot then you are no different than the device you're reading this on.

Be selfish with your work and show a little assertion. Do what you want and not what somebody else wants. You're living your life, not your master's.

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