Being stupid is easy, and being smart is hard. It's as simple as that. People generally do not want to work on understanding new things, so they don't and as a result it shows in their decisions and lifestyle.

Take for instance religious people. Most religious people I would coin as stupid. That may sound a bit harsh but I find it accurate and here's why. When you give a religious person a different perspective or a different element of truth they will usually come at you with hatred and remorse. Rather than taking what you say and looking into it, they would much rather stick with their comfortable, easy ways and not move on. It takes work to actually look into what you say (hard), but it is quite convenient to get rid of you by calling your religion wrong (easy).

It is almost impossible to get smarter and wiser by avoiding adversity or challenge, and that is exactly what most stupid people do. It is a difficult task for people to actually take what somebody says to them and look into it and make a decision based off their own research. Most people will disregard things without ever giving them merit. How would you get where you are today without giving anything consideration? And why is it that as soon as people become a tiny bit comfortable with their perspective they block out everyone else's? The answer is because it's easy. It's easy not to read the Bible. It's easy not to read the Koran. It's easy to spend your whole life avoiding the basic things you should be doing. It's easy not to do a lot of things, and that's just what people do.

Why struggle and grow for a living when you could become someone's employee and stagnate? Why study all religions when you could pick one and blow everyone else off? Why listen to other people when you already know that you're right and they're wrong?

People just don't like challenges and it's a sad thing. When given the option between challenge and growth, or ease and stagnation most will opt for the latter. People, especially Americans (at least this younger generation), are not ingrained with a solid work ethic and think life is something that should be fun, easy and convenient. A sad, sad generation it is, but that's okay, America is on it's way down and I'm here fighting.

Until people truly become motivated for a challenge and hard work there will remain little progress. It is okay to be wrong with your current beliefs and go outside of your comfort box every now and again, so please do and start being conscious. Showing humility is not a sign of weakness but of strength. What good do you gain by keeping your ego but losing your mind? The fruits of the spirit are not something to read about but something to practice in everyday life.

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