I think people in general are way too caught up with their lives and the world. I think sometimes they need to take a break, chill out and discover who, what, where, why and when.

Most people I talk to are so involved with their job, their family, their expenses and everything that life throws at them they never have the time to actually think why they are here and if they are making good use of their life. I almost see it as people living unconsciously like machines because they have never really stopped to understand what's going on here.

Why are you here?

Seriously, if you go up to 10 random people and ask them why they were born, why they are living and what do they plan to achieve with their life 9 out of 10 won't be able to answer you. Why is this? It's freaking weird. I will ask people some type of question like why they are here and since they don't have the answer they will say something like, "Oh that can never be answered." And then they will go on with their computer program of a life careless to reality and purpose. I know this question bothers them, but rather than looking into it most people will just forget about it and move on with life. They are too in the moment and sanguine with their approach to life.

I guess I would say I see this as a negative thing. Why don't people want to confront these tough questions and search for answers? There are a number of reasons, but it comes down to work. People don't like work and they definitely do not want to have to take away from their life they enjoy to study something that seems irrelevant to them. Such is life. Eric Jordan once said, "Let the world be as it is." I guess it's just something you have to deal with.

Sure, there is probably stuff they would ask me or tell me to do that I wouldn't be looking into myself, but there's a difference. If somebody were to come to me and ask me a hard question or recommend something for my life I would listen and look into it. I don't get how people can brush off these types of things and just keep chugging along with life. It's like driving a car without looking at the road.

Is everyone really that caught up with life they can't step out of the routine every once in a while and think about these things? I really think people are that caught up in the rat race. Another day goes on and on until one day they wake up and discover they are 50 years old, have kids all grown up and still don't know why they are here, and are just floating by.

Closing Thoughts

I think people need to wake up from their busy lives and make sense of the world around them from time to time. There really are answers and it really is fascinating to grow and understand. There is more to life than a shallow, little routine that everyone plays.

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