For every innovator, every entrepreneur and every leader there are hundreds of people lacking all of these qualities. Unfortunately, the world is not something most people choose to embrace and dominate. There are a number of reasons on why this is, but I think an important one is that people don't know when to move on.

I am convinced that most people just don't know when to move on. Or maybe they do, but they are scared. Either way, there is so much potential out there for each and every individual, but few ever actually find it. With such a fast paced world it becomes increasingly hard for people slow down and plan their next move. It seems like most people's lives are on autopilot and they never actually wake up and strategically play their life like a game of chess - they more or less play their life like the card game war.


How many people do you know that hate their jobs? Maybe you're one of them. It's a sad reality that majority of people working their jobs don't actually enjoy their jobs. They would much rather be a musician sharing their passion with the world. Or maybe they would rather be a sports athlete playing football. Maybe they would rather be a nuclear engineer figuring out how to solve the complexities of the world. Whatever the case, these types of things rarely happen because people are too caught up with their current job. They are afraid to quit it and try something new. They think that the one job they've had for the past 10 years is by far the best choice because rarely does it ever make sense to test other opportunities... oh wait! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.


Most people don't know when it is time to ditch the religion and move on. This may sound contradictory to most because they may think that there is only one "true" religion and by ditching it they would be in sin and go to Hell. Enough said, I rest my case!

Why people don't move on from religion

Religion is probably one of the hardest things for people to move on from because it is inherently something that they tie into their reason for being. If they were to drop their religion they would fail this life and live in eternal damnation. This just doesn't make sense because there are countless amounts of religions that all claim they are the correct religion. People should stop and realize that they all have truths that are right and that there is no one correct religion. Religions are just tools that help people develop.

A Christian may be on to something with Jesus while a Buddhist may be on to something with reincarnation. Each religion has it's different truths and problems. Why not take from all?


Your friend that may have been an inspiration to you at one point in your life may later become a detriment to your life in a future point. You need to know when you are no longer getting anything out of the relationship and move on.

Note: It should be said that helping others who need your help is a completely separate issue. In this case you may be on the loosing end and that's fine. Just know when it's worth moving on.

Why people don't move on

Comfortable / Don't Like Change

If people are comfortable where they are they have a hard time seeing why they should do anything differently. The thing about being comfortable is that this can become a bad thing over time. People may stagnate and decide to no longer grow. They may think they have reached the climax of their goal (if they even have one) and are comfortable with how everything is. There's nothing wrong with being comfortable except that being comfortable is being stationary... and the world most certainly is not stationary. Things are constantly in change as you should be too.


People fear the unknown and this is what ultimately keeps them from moving on. There may be a great opportunity on the table and people will decline it because they don't know how it will turn out. They see a bunch things that could go wrong rather than a bunch of things that could go right. When has something good ever come without some type of unknown? The first day of school was scary, the first date you went on, the first time you learned to drive, the first time you did pretty much anything was scary at first. That never kept you from trying it and it certainly never should. With each time fear is overcome there is growth to be gained. Fear should never be something that keeps you from moving on, but rather something that invites you into moving on. People should learn to crave things that make them fearful.

Another thing people fear is failure. For some reason people just don't like to make mistakes and think doing so makes them stupid. What bad has ever come from making a mistake? All of the smartest, most successful and greatest people made tons of mistakes.

Look at Lincoln, that guy failed in just about everything in life and finally grew to become one of the greatest presidents of the United States ever. Look at Beethoven - he wrote tons and tons of scores that were never heard by people because they were failures. Thomas Edison failed more than anyone I can think of and he also invented more good things than anyone I can think of. Failure is not something to be avoided, but rather a prerequisite for true success.


It hurts to move on. It really does. It's not always easy or fun to do the right thing, however fun is a short term results while the benefits of moving on can be much more fun in the long term. Take eating for instance. Some foods are good in the short term but in the long term make you fat. Therefore avoid the short term pleasures for the long term gains.


The ego can be an extremely powerful thing. People would much rather be in total torment and perceived as something than actually be something and be perceived as nothing. The ego is an extremely controlling device and limits people from moving on every day.

And there you have it

I actually like the pure scientific approach which basically says, emotions are just a thing of the time and that time is going to pass regardless of how easy or hard something is. It doesn't matter whether I am happy or sad at the time of the pain and failure because a week or a year from then the pain of that specific time has long passed and I have acquired the positives from it.

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