I find it fascinating: people working at McDonalds, people managing grocery stores, people starting their own businesses, people becoming CEOs of large corporations, people investing in stocks and people doing a wide variety of other things. Everywhere you look there are people filling and seeking certain positions and becoming certain things. It has come to my attention that these things do not happen by accident, and that people end up precisely where they belong in life. Different people have different goals and choices that they form throughout life. One person may be an under-achiever and another an over-achiever.

If you look at the jobs people do and things they do you will find that it's not like anybody is really stuck anywhere. They are doing pretty much what they are comfortable with and happy with. Sure people may complain that they hate their job and they hate their boss but their actions prove otherwise. If they really hated their boss they would move on and put in the required work to figure out how to grow past that, just like the others have who did decided to move past it. It is interesting how life takes you as far as you are willing to go and not too much further.

Some people may be comfortable in their 9-5 job so they will maintain their 9-5 job throughout their whole life. Others may be comfortable in their 9-5 job but be left with a feeling of loss and a void of emptiness. They will feel that there is more out there and they will search for it. Those that search for it will usually find it and then end up where they belong. If they don't belong where they recently ended up, they will learn this and search for a new place of belonging. The cycle goes on and on as people find places to belong and fit in.

Look at anybody in any job. They really are not there by chance or luck. Most of the time they are there due to choices that they made and they are where they belong. Think about people working in a grocery store. The checkers working the checkout possess the personality and skills necessary to talk with new customers day in and day out while they check them out of the grocery store. The CEO running a major corporation has built up the necessary skills to make business decisions that point a company in the right direction day after day. These people didn't accidentally get here and can choose to belong somewhere else at anytime.

So what's your point?

My point here is that people have complete control over their life and they usually end up where they choose. It is just weird how so many people feel trapped and think that they are not doing what they should be doing. If they are not happy with where they are it will eat at them enough until they do fix it. If it doesn't eat at them enough then they are most likely satisfied with their current belonging and have no desire to be anywhere else.

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Emily: Such valid points. Only wish

Such valid points. Only wish people would listen to what you say here!

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