Take pretty much anything people like - it has to do with intelligence. People are into God which is intelligence. People are into music which is intelligence. People are into other people which is intelligence. Bottom line, people are into things of intelligence.

What would you consider a good song? Is it one that is just slopped together? Is it one that just copies another one? Is it one that sounds as if no thought was put into it? Of course not! When it comes to music it's all about intelligence. People want to hear your unique, creative, intelligence presenting it's very own experience.

What would you consider a good painting? Is it one that is totally random? Maybe. Is it one that lacks reasoning behind it? Maybe. Is it one that has little thought put into it? Maybe. But I can assure you the painting with careful thought and creativity will be the painting you like the most. For we love experiencing other people's experiences (intelligence).

The same can go with many other things. Just think about it, everything comes back to intelligence. Kind gestures towards others, being thoughtful for somebody else, helping somebody in need of help and pretty much anything else that involves people is going to involve a degree of intelligence. And usually the greater the intelligence, the better the results.

Research conclusions on intelligence

A little intelligence can go a long way :).

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