Every once in a while I like to step outside of everything as much as possible and take an objective look on what's going on. Maybe I'm just wising up and getting smarter, but recently I reached the conclusion that a lot of companies treat people like they are idiots. They really do, and sometimes you just look at something and go, do they really think I'm that stupid? And I guess a lot of the time people are. It's sad.

Dumbed Down Web Sites

Like seriously, check out Apple's website right now: http://www.apple.com. You will probably be welcomed with a big fat image of the iPhone which takes up the whole site pretty much. Is this really what it takes to get people to actually click and watch the iPhone video? I mean I guess I can't blame Apple. If you pretty much have to shout out to people, Hey you! Come check out the iPhone now before we have to increase our font size by another 500% what does this say about people? Maybe they enjoy being treated like toddlers, cause obviously the Microsoft approach of being technical and complex is not well-received by the population. Sure it may be a much larger company than Apple, but I think it's loosing it's edge and I think it's due to Apple treating people like toddlers.

Check out most websites and blogs these days. They are so incredibly simple. A site that used to take me 2 weeks to build I can now build in a couple minutes because it is pure text and blank space. I don't fully get this. I mean I like sites like www.flickr.com, www.apple.com, and blogs like www.tropicalseo.com but I mean it's just crazy how simple they are. I mean frick, look at my website - I had to increase the text size and get rid of anything extra just to keep up. What ever happened to the content rich sites like www.gamespot.com and www.ign.com. People just don't like it as much anymore. They want everything less functional and more simple. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Dumbed Down Devices

I will be the first to say I love simplicity and taking away unnecessary fluff, but I am not an advocate for lack of functionality for the sake of simplicity. Like look at the mouse of Apple computers. Even after like 10 years or whatever they still only have 1 damn button. Do people really enjoy only one button? Would 2 buttons be a bit too confusing for them? The answer is clearly yes as they continue to pump these single clickers out faster than ever.

Another dumbed down device is the iPod. I think the iPod is a great invention, not because it's anything special, but because Apple made a lot of money from it. The main thing that made the iPod do so well, IMO, was the touch wheel that allows you to scroll through everything. Add this nifty feature to an enormous marketing campaign and you've sold the entire youth generation. It's just so weird. Is this really that much better than any other MP3 player? It doesn't offer anything other MP3 players offer and you HAVE to use iTunes to transfer songs to it - another wise play by Apple which people actually get excited about rather than upset.

Dumbed Down Commercials

Look at some of the commercials these days - they're just ridiculous. Sometimes you'll be watching one and just be like, where do they come up with this BS and do people actually buy it? Like take eHarmony for instance. They have this commercial that talks about 29 dimensions of compatibility. It is quite interesting if you ponder what is going on right here. Do people really have only 29 dimensions of compatibility? How do you even begin to define a dimension of compatibility? If people have more dimensions of compatibility are they better for each other? What if somebody else offers 50 dimensions of compatibility? Are they now better? This whole thing is just trash and pisses me off. It's sad though because actually buy into it.

Fortunately I don't own a TV so I can't offer a plethora of examples for you, but you get the idea. Just flip on your TV, look for the first commercial and watch it start eating at human impulses and desires. Watch any thought and reason leave to be replaced by envy, greed and ease. Your best bet is obviously the channels for the younger generation such as MTV.

It's crazy

I dunno, maybe I'm just thinking about it too hard and it's not that big of a deal, but it eats at me all the time. I'll see something somewhere that is just super ridiculous and then people fall for it. I'm really starting to understand why MySpace and other social networking sites are able to make money... they harvest these people. I think smart people are getting smarter and stupid people are becoming more stupid because of the smart people treating them like toddlers, and then them liking it.

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