I seem to come across this a lot in every day conversations: people who do very little, if any, research on topics think that their non-researched opinion holds weight over that of somebody who has done extensive research. While it's true that anybody can have a say in something and share their opinion, at the end of the day in most cases the educated person who has done their homework in a particular field knows more about it than those who have not.

This seems pretty obvious so why am I even bringing it up? Well, I find that anytime I talk to anyone about a controversial topic such as aliens, God, parallel universes and things like this they immediately disregard these things as being fake. I find it extremely hard to understand any reasoning behind these claims of skepticism as these claims come not from evidence or research, but from an emotional response to a hard question. Therefore, I find it extremely valuable to value those who have done their homework and considered all evidence, possibilities and options with careful thought when looking to answer hard questions.

We all respect a doctor when they give us advice on how to fix our sickness. We all trust our attorneys when they give us legal advice on how to approach a certain situation. We all trust professionals who have done their homework and understand a certain field.

Why then do those that do their spiritual, biblical and historical homework gain no respect? There are a number of reasons that all stem from lack of intelligence and ego. If somebody spends 10+ years researching something how are you with no research one in position to make a judgment call on the validity?

Being alive alone doesn't grant you to free answers to hard questions. Listening to what your friends say doesn't make you an expert on a topic. I don't perform open heart surgery based off my gut feeling. I don't sign legal documents based off what my friends say. I don't invest in a stock because everyone else is doing it.

I just find it strange how everyone thinks they're an expert on these types of things when this couldn't be further from the truth. An expert is not someone that says they're an expert, but rather someone that has put the hard work and research in, considered all options and continues to research with an open mind and yearning for truth - those are the people who hold weight and value in a field.

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