While I do respect atheists a lot and think most of them are very smart people, I think they are somewhat in the same boat that the very people they despise (Christians) are in. For instance, they hate how (most) Christians think the Earth is 6,000 years old, evolution isn't possible and stuff like this. While these claims by the (sloppy) Christians may be weak and fairly laughable, atheists create their own set of problems by denying certain things and throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

For instance, rather than atheists simply saying, okay this point is wrong, this point is wrong and this point is wrong and keeping everything else in Christianity that makes sense, they just get rid of it all. So now rather than the possibility of a spirit or afterlife being a reality they are stuck with their own religion saying it is all BS simply because they disagree with EVERYTHING that certain religions teach, even though not everything religions teach is wrong, only certain pieces.

I ask you the question, have you ever met an atheist that believes in an afterlife? Have you ever met an atheist that understands that we are all infinite energy and that our energy moves on after death? Of course not, instead they threw the baby (all the true aspects of religion) out while they got rid of the contaminated water (6,000 year old earth, self-righteous preachers, etc).

Can we all just one day talk about truth and get out of the duality mentality? And can atheists at least be somewhat critical (which they claim to be) and research topics in full rather than be spoon-fed bad science the same way Christians are spoon-fed bad religion (good band btw)? Just because somebody is wrong about something doesn't mean you are right about it.

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Ben: Unfortunately I think that

Unfortunately I think that your view of atheists is a bit wrong. From what I can tell Atheists only believe things that can be proven scientifically, not just logically. While I think it is very logical that we are made on energy and that we move on to another dimension once we die on earth, you can't prove that with the scientific method.

The thing that both Atheists and Christians do, or rather fail to do, is research. If an atheist really believes in science then they would be researching the cutting edge in fields like medicine, evolution, theoretical physics, particle physics, biology etc... But from what I have seen, most do not. Once you start getting into the more advanced realms of science it becomes borderline mathematically provable that not only are there other dimensions, but there have to be in order for this dimension to exist. Most have not researched even Darwin and the modern theory of macro/micro evolution, they just think, "It's ridiculous that the earth was made in 7 days! I don't believe that crap!"

Christians are equally guilty of lack of research, most have not even read the bible in it's entirety. Even if they have read the bible, they rarely ever look outside that book at other texts like the Kolbrin bible that have tales of people like Jesus etc...

But I can't really blame any of these people, doing the research is hard work and practically a full time job. As long as they get to a place of contentment no matter what you beliefs, then I think that is a good thing.


Quinton Figueroa: Good point for sure. Thanks

Good point for sure. Thanks :)

David: "While I think it is very

"While I think it is very logical that we are made on energy and that we move on to another dimension once we die on earth, you can't prove that with the scientific method."

What kind logic entails you to believe this shit?
No, emotions don't count.

Quinton Figueroa: The Internet isn't the
@David (view comment)

The Internet isn't the monitor that projects it. It is the data behind the monitor. A person isn't the body that projects them. It is the energy behind the body.

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