For those that do not know, PageRank is Google's way of measuring the importance of a web page based off the quality and number of incoming links pointing to it. Each link that points to another page is basically a vote saying this is a good page. What makes this concept interesting is that when a page that already has a lot of links coming into it links out to yet another site, that new site it linked to is seen as quite important. In other words, a page with 20 links (Page A) is better than a page with 2 links (Page B). But, if each of the 2 links on Page B were coming from pages that had 100,000 links they would be treated as much more weight than if Page A only had 20 links that each were only backed by 1 link each. I hope that makes some sense.

Why I think this would work well politically

This would be great politically because people that are more involved in the political system would have much more say than somebody who isn't as involved. It would basically say everyone is NOT equal when it comes to voting, the same way Google says every page is NOT equal when it comes to the Internet. I know this thought may stir some people up but well, I guess get over it. Pretty much any way you look at it people are not equal in their views and thoughts. A surgeon is a much better candidate for performing open heart surgery than a computer programmer, just as a computer programmer is better at building a software application than a surgeon. The same can be said about politics. Some people are better equipped to make a political decision than others. Just as a surgeon has spent years studying how to perform advanced surgeries, some people have spent years understanding political questions. If 20 people think 1 person's opinion is more important than somebody who nobody thinks has an important opinion, well then the first person would probably be more important, at least from a democratic perspective (I am an American so this is the perspective I take).


In short, I think this country is run completely sloppy and should be straightened out like Google's algorithm is. Let's cut the crap and get some serious levels of rank going here. The next president should be a PoliticianRank 10!

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: Very interesting and bold

Very interesting and bold idea! I'm not sure if I agree 100%, but I think the government should be run more like a business and they should be accountable for their spending, and for turning a profit.

Once again, another thought provoking article!

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