The more research I do about colleges the more I find the similarities between them and other corporate industries that have not been able to embrace the information age, namely: music.

Remember in the late 90's how everyone was downloading music and record labels lost billions of dollars as an era of domination was escaping them? Remember how nobody knew how to stop such madness as the Internet was tredding a better path for musicians? It may not have been better for businessmen, but it was better for artists.

I feel this same thing is about to take place in the education industry. We still have these corporate giants that are in the business of making money and loans, not education. People aren't being educated the way they should be. People can't afford the education they should be receiving from earth. The whole thing is silly. Pay $10-40k/yr to go into debt to be an employee? Learn information that doesn't help you develop yourself but enslaves you to a machine? Really? Is this the best we can do?

I really do think an overhaul of the education industry is coming just as there was one for music. Apple was at least smart enough to find a way to make the music industry work. Perhaps someone will be smart enough to make the education industry work as well?

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