I am fairly convinced that all our problems as a species come from lack of understanding and intelligence. What do I mean by problem? I mean something that causes pain, grief, sorrow, anger, hate or anything else like this to yourself or another individual.


Take greed for instance. Why are people greedy? What does being greedy really accomplish? Perhaps people grew up in a home where they never learned to share. Maybe they had so little growing up that when they finally did accumulate they became greedy. Whatever the reason, it continues to grow and ferment because of lack of intelligence. Rather than a greedy person educating them self as to why they are greedy, they continue to resume their short-sighted actions in delusion.

We all know being greedy is a bad trait so why do we practice it? Easy, we are stupid. Most things that are negative are fast and easy and tax the mind very little. It is much easier for the mind to see the results of something in the scope of a week, rather than in the scope of a year. By being greedy we give up the future for today. You may not see it hitting you today, but if you are greedy it will catch up with you eventually. Educate yourself and become the better man.


Let's examine pain. Why does pain happen? Why is it that somebody should ever go through this thing we know as pain? Perhaps the better question to ask is what is pain trying to tell us? The universe has its set of laws that we all abide by in day to day life. When we break these rules, sometimes the results will be pain in one way or another.

Take touching fire for instance. This is probably not something you want to do as a physical 3 dimensional being as it will burn you and cause great pain. This can easily be prevented with the proper understanding of these laws.


The list goes on and on. Wisdom is key.

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