I think it's getting worse and worse these days. Most people never actually offer their own value that much. They usually just pass on somebody else's value for a commission. Seriously, everywhere you look you will see this.

In the Internet you have people who offer "hosting". But they're not really hosting your site. They're just reselling somebody else's hosting service. And the hosting service that is being resold is also reselling hosting for yet a larger company.

And then you have these network marketers who think they're businessmen but are really just reselling somebody else's service for a much smaller piece.

And then you have the eBay people who think they're businessmen because they can build eBay's asset.

It's all just a huge funnel. And while these salespeople do benefit, the people who benefit the most are the people at the top.

So who's at the top you ask? The banks.

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