Some people may think it is okay to be fat and overweight, but I DO NOT and here's why:

Lack of Self Control

Overweight people show a huge lack of self control. The main reason people are fat and overweight is because they lack the discipline to do something productive and of conscious value. They think life is about eating and sleeping and never feel the need to actually do some straight-up WORK and take care of themselves. Life is not one-sided and it does require balance. A bunch of positives (Greasy/Sugary Foods, Watching TV, Being Lazy) need to be offset with some negatives such as eating foods that taste bad, running, swimming, lifting, etc. Life is not all about fun and good and I think that is the problem most overweight people have. They think life is something of take, take, take but their body clearly argues otherwise.

Lack of Confidence

The confidence of most people is tied directly into their body and self-image. Fat people are generally more self-conscious and feel terrible about their weight problem, as they should. It's a sickness and it makes me sick seeing people who are fat continue to eat and lose more and more confidence. Obese people need to wake up from their slumber and join everybody else in this reality we live in called life and take control of a conscience lifestyle.

Pitiful Lifestyle

Fat people show a loss of respect for themselves and others with every breath they take. It really isn't cool using the handicapped cart when you're at the grocery store just because you're fat! Is this really a way to live? Is this really making the most out of a life? I could understand somebody loosing a limb in a car accident or something and having to go through life handicapped and with a new set of challenges and goals. But fat people did not accidentally get hurt or damaged. They consciously decided to loose control and are falling deeper and deeper into a dark state of decay day by day. Nobody should have to live this way.

Not Healthy

Overweight people lack the discipline and character to make solid long term moves that will keep them healthy. I have NEVER met an overweight person that enjoys being active and doing things. They usually enjoy staying at home and watching TV or doing other non-physical activities such as being sad. To me, this is not healthy. Being tired all the time and feeling like everyone hates you is not healthy and not normal. Your body is a fine-tuned machine that requires maintenance and work for optimal performance.


I understand that some people may have more difficulty keeping thin genetically, but that is no excuse for letting yourself go - it just means it will be harder to keep yourself in shape. Some people's hair grows quicker than others... so they cut it more! Some people are fatter than others so they SHOULD run more! I have yet to see anybody put on weight by running, EVER.

Obesity is a problem in America and every time I see an obese person it hurts me. Unfortunately there really isn't much I can do to get people to take care of themselves, it's their life and it's up to them. Quite frankly I sit here in disgust knowing that obesity is directly connected to a weak character and a weak mind. I don't feel bad that people are overweight and I hope the detriments of being fat eventually creates an urgency to do something about it and people finally step up and take control of their life. Life isn't one-sided, it's not all about me me me.

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: agreed

Fan-fucking-tastic article! You nailed every point perfectly! I was about to point out the genetic issue until I read your conclusion, and I agree with you 100% Even if you are genetically predisposed to gain weight, that just means you were dealt a poor hand at life. That doesn't mean fold, it means rally your troops and attack life even harder than before! People have risen up from worse setbacks than "being genetically predisposed to be fat", just ask the drummer of Def Leopard, he lost a fucking arm but did that stop him from still being a badass? HELL NO!!! LOSE THE FAT AND GRAB LIVE BY THE FUCKING TESTICALS!!!

Anonymous: I suppose you also make fun

I suppose you also make fun of them in the hope they can truly realise how much they disgust you and that would make them try to get slimmer to please you in return?
True, obesity can be a sign of a weak character.. but don't you wonder why is that so? What could have happened to them? Since we are all equals (according to what you insinuate).. what happened to them that didn't happen to you and make them want to be fat (or let things get out of control)? Why is your lifestyle not making you fat ?

Quinton Figueroa: It could be a number of
@Anonymous (view comment)

It could be a number of things that got them there (parenting, lack of discipline, laziness, etc). The question is what can they do to improve that situation.

Anonymous: Improve the situation? I

Improve the situation? I thought they were fat because they have a weak mind and a weak character. These are their main characteristics. 'Improving' the situation won't help them, they'll just screw it up, won't they?

Quinton Figueroa: Improving the situation
@Anonymous (view comment)

Improving the situation would involve working on their weaknesses and making these their strengths. They should work on making decisions such as eating healthier, staying active and working off their weight. It takes work, and that is what I mean by improving the situation - put in the work it takes to obtain a healthier decision. People screw up all the time, what does that have to do with anything? Get up and try again!

I don't want you to think that I hate fat people or think there is nothing that can be done. It's just a problem like anything else and I am on the sidelines rooting for them. We all have our problems that should be overcome. It takes work which is usually not fun, but in the end it is worth it and makes for a stronger individual.

Fatty McButterpants: Oy! Why do you care if I'm

Oy! Why do you care if I'm at home sitting on my sofa instead of being engaged in training for a triathalon? Get over yourself.

For the record it's LOSE not LOOSE and SELF-CONSCIOUS not SELF-CONSCIENCE. Perhaps you were in the gym while the rest of us were in English Class during Middle School.

Quinton Figueroa: I don't care one way or the
@Fatty McButterpants (view comment)

Judging by the fact that you took the time to reply shows that you care more than you may think.

I don't care one way or the other what you choose to do with your life, however nature does and it will correct that which needs correction. For every action (or lack thereof in this case) there is an equal or opposite reaction - one of the many things I learned in science class.

Thanks for the spelling corrections, we all have our weaknesses!

Fatgurl: Disgusting fat chicks

Wow. You really spout off hateful comments. My guess is that this is more about you than about "fat" people. I think that making such blanket statements about any person, any problem, etc is well...wrong. I am quite obese. I just got back from a 5 km run. It sucked, but I did it. And will do it again on Monday. I have always struggled with my weight. Key word there? STRUGGLE. Struggle is an active thing. Have you ever struggled with your weight? Hmmm? You should try it sometime. It's hell. A lot harder than sitting there and smugly spewing hatred. Do you think that your disgust will do anyone any good? Was there any point to your rant? Did it make you or anyone else feel better? Hmm? You are most un-charitable. Most unkind. Most insensitive. Or at least your comments are. Grow up.

Erin: Hmmm...

This cracked me up: "They usually enjoy staying at home and watching TV or doing other non-physical activities such as being sad." Hahaha! I can't tell if this is a serious statement or not, so I'm choosing to laugh.

Anyway...just a few things:
I'm a fat person and I feel I have to tell you that your conclusions about all fat people are, in a word, wrong. I'm not going to try and figure out why you harbor such animosity and hatred towards a group of people...but I will tell you that it makes me sad for you...

Do I struggle with my weight? Hell yes! But do I sit on the couch and wallow about it? Hell no! Guess what? I love to hike and swim and run around with my dogs...just as much as I love chocolate cake and a good book. So in my case, I'm working on finding the balance there. But quite frankly, I am a very happy and successful individual. I run two companies, am married to the man of my dreams and I even get up on stage and shake my fat ass as the lead singer of a very popular blues act.

You are a misinformed person with a lot of negativity swirling around in you. Try and let go of some of your judgments - it might help YOU lose some emotional weight.

Alan: Being aware of how much you

Being aware of how much you are eating is an important step to recognizing the problem. The next time you cook dinner, take a look at the back of the box and see what the recommended portion size is. You will be surprised. I will tell you this that most people eat about 3 times more than the "2,000 calorie a day" diet.

This may sound cruel but it seems that some people actually love food more than other people, and this love obsession with food is unnatural.

On a side note, I have witnesses parents allowing their children to drink 2-3 large glasses of milk with their dinner! Are you serious!? I have seen a child eat three slices of bread with their lasagna which were literally CAKED with butter. I was more disgusted at this parent having no regard or control over their child's eating habits and this child is overweight. Sometimes I think parents rather their children be overweight than "too skinny" because we are a culture that is beginning to accept the dangerous mindset that fat=well-fed and happy, and skinny= neglected and underfed!

Ef YourMother: You're a fucking ass! You

You're a fucking ass! You have no goddamned right telling people how to live ther lives. I used to be fat, and was bullied mercilessly. I hated my myself because of the way other people treated me, so I decided that I would do something about it, and started working out two hours a day. I still have an emotional connection to food, but I make sure I work out to make up for an average diet. Don't project your insecurity on other people. Obesity is NOT healthy, but neither is bullying people to the point they continue to harm themselves with food.

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