Why get a job these days when your job can be being a student? Being a student is easy. You get student loans, go into to debt, live off the system and rest assured that once you graduate you will have a degree which will get you that high paying worthless job. Having problems finding a job after graduating college? Easy. Go back to college and get another degree. The more degrees you have the better. Just remember that college is always the answer to your financial and professional woes. Oh wait.

If you haven't figured it out by now college is the new real estate bubble and the latest ponzi scheme. I am truly amazed at how many people fall for the college fraud day in and day out. But of course they fall for it - they're college educated! While college most certainly can have a few benefits for a few people who go for the right reasons, the vast majority of people have no clue what they are going to do, don't investigate the job market, have no problem going in to debt, love being part of the system and think that once they graduate things magically change. Hint: college doesn't help you that much.

I hire people all the time. When I hire people do I care about college? Frick no! I could care less. In fact, I prefer to hire non-college people as they are usually free individuals who can think for themselves. Americans 100 years ago weren't all elite college students going around acting like the world owed them something. They were hard-working people who did what was needed and what they were good at.

So why do people go to school? There's a lot of reasons and it's not even worth talking about because they're almost all bad reasons. I mean seriously. Why do you need college if you can just start doing what it is you want to do immediately? Like let's take a really extreme example because people love touting the degree and license card.

You don't need a license to start working as scientist or a medical doctor. If you were to think really hard and come up with a cure for AIDS or some other terrible disease do you really think people would care if you were licensed or not? Do you really think people would care if you had a degree or not? If you're solving real world problems people don't care about the BS fluff. Degrees and licenses mean absolutely nothing if you're solving problems. They only mean something if you're NOT solving problems. As soon as you become valuable all that stuff is irrelevant, you're now a genius!

Do you really think people would care if you were a licensed attorney or not if you were able to give them the correct business advice on how to structure an LLC? Do you really think people would rather go with somebody who gives incorrect advice with a degree than somebody who gives correct advice with no degree?

I've been dealing with the degree BS my whole life. It started out for me when I started building websites. People would be like, do you have a degree or did you go to school for it? No, I read books and learned from people already in the field. I became friends with the best of the best and became an apprentice. I learned the real way: by doing.

And then people will be like, well what about fields where you need a license to work in? It's a scam. Of course you need a license so that you can go work for the monopoly. The federal government obviously wouldn't ever want you to work for yourself and compete against them. The whole thing is structured against you and even though they require licenses in some fields you can still make it without one.

Just because people tell you that you need a degree or a license to do something doesn't make it true. People need to realize why the whole world is set up around licenses and degrees and realize how it is being used to enslave them. Degrees don't prove competency. Competency proves competency.

When I grow up I want to be a professional student with loads of debt, parties every weekend and a government to look after me.

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Concerned: Reply

I couldn't agree more, but there are a few unfortunate exceptions where a degree mandatory to legally obtain employment in select areas, thanks to the government and big business of course.

If one wishes to become a medical doctor who sees patients, an MD or DO is required, to practice law in a courtroom representing a client requires a law degree, CPA accounting certification requires an accounting degree, etc. Conversely, people can become experts through their own research and studying and find alternative means to do as they wish. I like the fiction novel "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand, which tells the story of a young architect who gets expelled from college in his last year for not falling in line with the system. Yet, he goes on to become the best architect in the country regardless of the lack of a degree. Great book by the way that I highly recommend.

I for one do have a bachelors degree. My primary reason for pursuing it was to get into sales, which most of the big companies required. I did complete my objective and almost immediately found a job in sales for a Fortune 500 company, but soon realized that it wasn't fulfilling my hopes and desires for life. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and still continue to think of new ways to do so. In the mean time, I went back to my old career field as a field tech/engineer which didn't require a college degree and pays a much higher salary (funny how that works).

But while some people are professional students in college classrooms, I am a professional student in my own home. I spend a few hours or more each day reading and doing research, and have learned significantly more than when I was in college. Like you, I had no classes on computers and yet my job has trained me to learn computer networking, linux, unix, dos, etc. This was not what they employed me for initially, but the opportunity for a transfer was there and I convinced them that in my spare time at home I have been learning to build websites and utilize networking. As a result, mainly due to my previous experience and combined with what I was learning in my free time, I convinced my manager to give me a chance. But in the end I will not be satisfied until I am working for myself. In the mean time, I continue to learn at work and even more so at home.

Students and grads I talk to often surprise me with how little they know about economics, history, science, etc. It seems many of them go to college and do enough to get by with good grades and then the learning stops, as if they only wish to learn the minimum amount required to complete a degree. Most people these days are more concerned with sports and tv shows than learning. Try to have a stimulating conversation with people at random and you will find that most cannot. Yet it seems when I do find people with the intellect to carry on a good conversation, they often do not have a college degree. This strengthens my case that you can learn more through your own reading then the schools can ever teach you. You can choose what subjects you want to learn more about and avoid those that do not interest you. There is no need to spend hours a week, semester after semester, practicing high level math such as calculus and statistics if you do not plan on ever using it in life. High school provides an opportunity to learn all of the math necessary to get by in life. On the other hand, if you do like math you are free to purchase all the math teaching books you like from Amazon. My interests are Austrian Economics, history, philosophy, and politics, thus I spend hours each day reading books that satisfy me. With regard to economics, I surprised an economics professor friend of my brother's when I engaged in a conversation with them about the current state of our economy. The professor was shocked at my knowledge on the subject and asked how I learned so much without having a degree in it. He couldn't understand how or why someone would spend so much of their free time learning what many believe to be a boring subject. But that's just it, I get to decide what books on economics I want to read, the ones that are not boring at all to me. I would even go as far to say as he could use a few lessons in economics apart from what his college taught him. He was an obvious Keynesian supporter of big government bailout spending and lacked any real understanding of how best to pull out of a recession.

To those who do not have a college degree, and to those who do, try and take the time to learn about the things that interest you. I think people would be surprised at how much an individual can actually learn on their own time at their own pace. Who needs an instructor/teacher to fill their brain with information when you can find everything you need at the tips of your fingers on the internet. This is especially true for anyone interested in economics. There are some wonderful websites that publish journals, books, and lectures for free online. The internet offers everything anyone could ever need to become an expert in anything they wish. From guns to engines, economics to history, art to philosophy, there is nothing excluded online.

Quinton Figueroa: You hit on so many great

You hit on so many great points with your response. You're exactly right.

First of all, yes, the government has manipulated us into needing licenses for certain professions. It's an absolute farce and a terrible way to go about things, but this is what the people love unfortunately. Even with these license barriers you can still do what you want in your own home and create what you want. If you create a cure for cancer without a license there's really not much people can say. You created something useful and they will pay big bucks for it.

College usually teaches inaccurate or skewed information which is why it is partially boring. In history they don't tie anything together and tell you the REAL story. In economics they teach Keynesian BS and don't teach true free-market Austrian economics that our founding fathers advocated. In science they teach a materialistic world view that is hardly substantiated and becoming more and more laughable each day. They purposefully and ignorantly teach outdated information and misinformation that naturally will confuse and bore the student rather than interest and enlighten them. The whole thing is disgusting and it's about time people wake up and realize they've been had.

christian: kind of agree.

I think a big part of this is that good schools and degrees make people feel safe that they are smart and knowwhat they are doing because they have the papers to prove it so they do not try as hard. While on the other hand you have people without degrees that have all of society pressing down on them and they must provide results or they will perish.

I do believe that as there are like what 7 billion people living on this planet and every last one of them will lie and cheat their way to anything their hearts desire does not stop a guy to put on a white coat and perform open heart surgery on your loved ones. People need some sort of way to differentiate between a fraud and someone that knows what they are talking about and if they have the right skills to perform their jobs correctly. this is where degrees and licenses come into play. say a soccer mom's kid takes a fall on the field and needs medical help there is no way to determine a level of skill of anyone suitable to treat her childs injuries other then having a medical degree and license. If she goes to a hospital she knows there is a very good chance that anyone who claims they are a doctor and treats her kid they know what they are doing. Because if said person does not know what they are doing she knows there is a good chance that the law will deal with him in a harsh manor. It does not matter if a world famous doctor who has won many awards for being god dam awsome at healing power just happens to be taking their kid tot he same game and is standing right next to her. It doesnt matter how many big words he uses there is no way for her to know if he is real or not as she is not a doctor and thus can not pass judgement or the skill of this mysterious individual.

I do agree that people without degrees can be just as smart. But it still goes without saying without information or training you are a stupid loser. K you got your education else where from a place that no one can vouch for your level of skill. this is another place where knowing wtf your talking about comes into play and how to prove it to your peers. There is this powerful, valuable, fragile thing know as reputation. When a school that is well known for producing very skilled people "the good schools" when you have a certificate saying you came from this school people have trust that there is a very high chance you are one awesome bastard. Seriously how else can you judge a persons competence?

hell sometimes it does not mater how much you read you are a dumb shit the world is ever evolving alot of the stuff all the "smart" people believed in hundreds of years ago are now fools. and in hundreds of years from now people will be laughing at us that we couldn't figure out how to cure cancer. or how could those morons believe the earth was flat.

I saw this movie the kings speech. It was about this duke of w/e(kings son) who could barly speak. he stuttered like crazy. he went to all kinds of "professional experts" to try and fix his problem. he comes to this one guy who he later finds out he is not even a doctor at all. he has not even opened a medical book. He is just some guy who saw some people suffering he did what first came to his mind and was successful at it. He was not all that brilliant or anything with amaizing formulas or insight. All he did was do what first came to his mind. in the end he ends up being the king and his country is at war and needs to address his people via the radio. Before he could not even put together a single sentence but manages to pull off a perfect like 3 page speech thanks to the help of this "stupid" man. If it where not for this guy they totally would have been fucked hard. Destroy the moral of his country while boosting the enemies greatly due to "lol this guy is a total pussy he can barley talk roflmao". good movie though.

I like what you have to say in this article but I think you are somewhat wrong because humans need stuff like this and will always be there it is after all a product of human psychology not a product of the government. I also believe as far as human beings are concerned truth does not only exist you only have your perception of what you think is true. to deny this you are vulnerable to all the brilliant flavors of bullshit floating around.

this is also kind of same reason I dropped out of school. I am a stupid ass fuck that can not doanything and even IF i where able to graduate I wouldjust be a total hack if even able to hold down a job. I would just end up being one of those harvard retards living on the street with my M.D. padding he inside of my pants to keep warm.

I am envious of people like you guys who have the proper equipment to learn things like that. I used to be the same and really into that until i found out I was dumb as nails and could never progress at all. I guess you could say i have a rather low "skill cap".
no one will prob read this lol such old post. but my grammer sucks anyways pretty illegible. I did graduate HS with a 1.4 after all

christian gerber: anoying

sorry for double post but. I find it kind of anoying how so many people are so fast to blame the government and big companies and rich people for ruining the world. Do you even realize how crucial it is for these organizations to exist for all sorts of things we enjoy. Most technological advancements would be impossible without large amounts of financial aid from investors. You can't push these things on a large scale without large companies organizing and manufacturing selling them all. same with medical advancements.

Big companies are like that fat kid everyone likes to make fun of thats all really. Like blaming all the worlds problems on the government. Do you realize the government is just hundreds of thousands of people organized together? trying to make shit work. We are all individuals with different ideas of how to run things. Hell even if you where to be in the hot seat you would not take shit as easy as you are now there is alot of hard choices to make in such positions.

with licenses I agree with them if they did not have them there is nothing stoping some dipshit with a spatula opening up your heart and closing you up just so he can get paid tons of cash because he is a self proclaimed doctor. Would not be hard to fool a moron who has any other profession other then in the medical field of he is real or not.

of course you can have a fool with a medical degree and of course you will have a high school drop-out genius. It would be strange if out of 7 BILLION people on this planet that 100% of dropouts are all total morons and 100% of degree paper holding doctors are brilliant. but I am sure of one thing that there is a much higher percentage of people who are qualified to do the work who have a degree/license then those that do not.

after all you can not just "see truth" by looking at someone. there are alot of variables to take into consideration the law just makes it easier on everyone else to sift through the trash.

If you are looking for a nice diamond ring to give to your soon to be wife go to a reputable jewelry store not a garbage dump, of course you can maybe find one but good like trying.

Las: Thank you

I agree with every single thing in this article.
It seems nowadays, that getting a degree is everything in life. No one even considers the possibility of a profession without a degree.

It's ridiculous how people say
"Oh, I wish i could do this for a living!"
"Well, why don't you?"
"I cant, i dont have a degree..."

Many of my friends have started 5 year long educations in things they couldn't care less about. Why do they want to spend 5 years doing something they hate? - The reason is that if you dont get a degree in at least SOMETHING, then you're pretty much worthless to society and should just lay down and die. This is seriously the mentality.

So people will rather get a useless degree to feel good about themselves, rather than trusting their own instincts, and do the things they want.

God i sound pretentious sometimes, but im really surprised that so few people are able to see through this education "scheme" (which it really is).

mea: some people enjoy learning...

some people enjoy learning...

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