I was recently reading some stuff about the brain and how it is our consciousness (which I disagree with), how without the brain we are no more. I see things a totally different way where the brain is actually a filter for infinite consciousness.

Anyhow, I was wondering what would happen if somebody could not see, hear, taste, smell or feel anything. Would their brain still work? Would they still be conscious?

It seems as though there wouldn't be any signals being sent to the brain so it would just sit there doing nothing. Perhaps it would be an inner Hell for the years that they do exist. They would obviously not be able to take care of themselves so they would just be a blob of biological matter. Could the body even function without its senses or would the internal organs just shut down?

I really don't know what to make of something like this but I do know that it boggles my mind.

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Toke Bro: removING all 5 senses

I think that if you are born with no senses you are basically not aware of that you are alive. But if you somehow lose all your senses then you have no connection to the world, only your own which is you imagination or whatever that hell is going on in there. but i think that you can kinda move more into your own world because the real world isn't blocking you with your senses. so in that way you can kinda create your own world out from your own experience, or in an other way... you can allow yourself to be god :)

Michael: I am no scientist!

I am no scientist!
This is honestly one of my biggest fears. assuming that you are a normal person that has had experiences of normal life. I feel like you would at first be aware that you are still alive... or at least conscious. it would be like "floating" with your eyes closed in a silent motionless void. At first, you would be able to have normal thought and could think about what is happening. you would quickly lose all track of time and minutes would feel like days. The problem comes with the nature of the human brain. in a sensory deprivation state, your brain experiences a lack of stimuli. the brain's natural reaction to a lack of stimuli is to literally create its own. After a short while, you would start to hallucinate and hear small sounds or voices as well as start to see little lights and flashes. over time these things would become stronger and you would start to see things. your sub-conscience mind would take over. It is sadly human nature that would most likely make this a terrifying experience because you would forget where you are and what was happening. you'd see creators and beings right in front of you and all around you. You would hear something behind you but would have no way to turn around. After a while, it would become impossible to make clear thought and it would be terrifying. you would start to see heaven and hell and your brain could possibly scare its self to death. you would have no control over anything and would be trapped in what would feel like an eternity of terror.

This is a very though provoking thought! Thanks for sharing!

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