I had quite a few comments from my last article on Digg: Why are we here and what happens when we die? and I appreciate all the comments and feedback I received.

While going through some of the comments I decided it would probably be useful to follow up with these comments to try to make more progress.

Why are we here? I doubt that there is a "why". Seems a very human question to ask... so I'd say humanity is better off answering that for itself, whether through philosophy, science or individual introspection.

What happens when we die? To the best of our knowledge, our consciousness is no more, and therefore we've effectively ceased to exist.

You have a great point about why being a human question. But since we are humans why is it then bad to ask that? A dog barks because it's a dog, a cat kills mice because it's a cat, if we then ask "why" because we are humans it seems totally rational.

Why can't we say "we don't know" when we don't know?

Certain questions you may not know, but you can always search and try to understand. There really would be no innovation or progress if everybody just simply said, I don't know, I'm perfectly content where I am. It's not a bad thing, but how does it hurt to search and try to understand? If what I have said is not something you agree with, hit on the points that don't make sense to you and why you feel I am wrong. It would be much more beneficial to bring claims than just say, you will never know. That's like telling Bill Gates since you don't know if you will ever be successful don't even try. It's not worth it.

Why do you think nothing of it when you crush an insect? Eliminate bacteria? Or kill any other manners of life for that matter? Did you ever stop to think that perhaps you are only as important - to the universe, that is - as that gnat you crushed while sitting in the grass the other day?

Probably not. But perhaps you should consider it, because they're merely different constructs resulting from the genetic code, who ultimately are 'born', live for some time, and then die. Sound familiar? Ah, that's right. We go through the same phase, but consciousness makes us aware of our own mortality. Everything that you call 'you' is a manifestation of your brain.

If you can't comprehend that notion, or refuse to comprehend that, I'm sure you can find a tryptamine or a phenethylamine to disrupt your consciousness enough to convince you otherwise. But then again those same people will probably interpret it as an experience with God.

"Similarly, human beings, after death, do not live again."
- Dogen Zenji

I think about that stuff all the time and it's a great point to consider. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to get at with this, but I will go on to say that we are not the same as a gnat. If we were we would be a gnat. I don't see many gnats controlling humans, but I do see it the other way around. Is that not a fair point?

The reason we're here is whatever reason we make. And when we die, we die. Why is this so hard?

It's hard because different people have different reasons. And different people have different reasons on things besides just life, and usually based off these differences TRUTHS can be formed that are in alignment with science and the universe. It's not hard, it's just an explanation that explains very little.

lol thats all great and al but Christianity has already been debunct. The world wasn't "created" 6000 years ago amigo. Therefore your basing your beliefs on something which is inaccurate, the bible.

I agree, the world wasn't created 6,000 years ago yet I still am a Christian and follow Jesus. There may be parts of the Bible that make sense and parts that do not. You can't take the whole thing of something and throw it away just because one part doesn't make sense. And by the way. The Bible does not teach the world was created 6,000 years ago, it teaches the ADAMIC age as created 6,000 years ago. Genesis has 2 creation accounts. Either way, I base my believes of truth and understanding, whether it be from the Bible or a criminal. Every piece of darkness no matter how dark, has some light, and it is the light which I am after.

How do you know that when animals show affection,language, intelligence and learning?

I'm not quite sure if I follow what you're asking, but animals show intelligence and all these things. This seems pretty self-evident.

Just because you believe in something does not make it so. If you believe in an afterlife, you've got a 50/50 chance of being right and even if you are, you have an infinite chance of not liking the outcome.

For all we know only Mormons go to heaven and everyone else (including normal Christians) go to hell. We simply don't know the truth. And god doesn't seem to care enough one way or another to let us in on this secret if he indeed exists.

You're right that by believing in something does not make it true, far from it. However, there are reasons why people believe things and if these reasons can be reinforced via scientific and earthly means then it makes these beliefs more solid. Just as if you can dismiss certain believes by science they are probably not as solid.

Why are we here? Because our parents had one or more children. What happens when we die? Mental and body functions stop, and we start to decompose. Any suggestions that we live on in some form past that are purely speculation or superstitions without any scientifically valid evidence to support them. Is that really so hard to accept?

To say there is no scientific evidence to support these claims is absurd - you just have to search much harder. There is a great video that actually goes into scientific proof of an eternal, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent being.

And no, I don't base my whole believes off this tiny little video. It is simply more scientific EVIDENCE which strengthens my understanding. Science does not disprove God. It is in full alignment with God.

What you say is fine and dandy, but there is the whole problem of people who kill others or cause people needless suffering because their man in the sky or revolutionary manifesto told them to.

One day you have to grow up and stop following others.

There is no evidence, despite popular belief in it, that humans possess conscious minds. Nor is there any evidence that other things do not. Consciousness is not objectively observable, nor are any complex behaviors observable which can't be explained without resorting to the ill-defined hypothesis of consciousness.

So if I cut your arm off you are not consciously going to get pissed? This makes no sense at all.

The heck if I'm going to trust a digg article, or even the internet to tell me why I am on this earth.

Fair point. However, a strong person will not be afraid of any information no matter how backwards or evil it is. The truth has a way of finding its way out.

Yes, but not true if your religious. Which I am not.

It doesn't matter whether you're religious or not on anything. Once again, If I cut somebody's arm off it doesn't matter whether they're an Atheist, Mormon, Christian or whatever else - they're going to no longer have an arm. The truth is not shielded.


Anyhow, I hope that helps clarify myself a little more. I know this type of thing usually just makes people more angry but that's okay. Most of the time it takes anger before there is change. I am only stating what I have learned to make the most sense so far, and if anybody disagrees please share why and I will try my best to understand and consider your point. I have no problem with being wrong, I have a problem with not growing.

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