I really have a problem with how people approach the topic of race.

First of all. We are all spirits that are equal in the sense of our divine right of spiritual evolution. We are all kings and equal when it comes to our spiritual endowment. But people ARE NOT equal when it comes to choices and merits. People individually make choices based off their own individual free-will. If people choose to make bad decisions they will reap bad rewards. If people make good decisions, good rewards will follow. People create their future as they did their past.

And second. When people talk race they are really talking about CULTURE. It is the culture people talk about, yeah kinda like a culture test tube. White people have a certain culture. Asian people have a certain culture. Black people have a certain culture. Mexicans have a certain culture and on and on. Different people have cultures commensurate to their location, evolution, choices and so on.

So what if somebody doesn't like somebody based off their race/culture. So what if somebody discriminates. People discriminate on a daily basis against all types of things. You discriminate on what you're going to eat for lunch. You discriminate on what type of car you drive. You discriminate on what type of person you are going to marry. Discrimination is a part of life, and people who discriminate generally take a more educated approach to life.

You could be a socialist and lump everything together and say that differences between people don't matter, but they do. There is more to somebody than just their color. Now obviously some people may base their like or dislike for somebody based off their color, but that's generally not what most people base it off. Most people base it off attributes of a culture. And a culture can have different colored people. You can have poor white people. You can have poor black people. That is a poor culture. You can have smart Asians and smart Mexicans. That is another culture. Cultures, like religion, are binded together by similar core values and beliefs. And most cultures are generally binded together by a similar race - not always, but most of the time.

Let's take it further. These days there is a fairly big mixing of cultures and races due to globalization and technology. Cultures are becoming more and more mixed. But if you go back 500 or 1,000 years ago cultures were much more distinct. Black people 1,000 years ago were not like Black people from America these days. Asians living in Western Europe these days are not like Asians living in China 500 years ago.

Cultures used to be more different and distinct and cultures generally take on the attributes of the culture they assimilate into. But this doesn't mean that they completely lose their previous cultural identity nor do they fully adopt the new culture. There is a mixture of both. Some cultures mix better than others, some not as good. There are tons and tons of variables at play here. I am just trying reach a bit deeper into defining what we are really talking about when people talk race. Race is much more than just a color. Race is the whole package - the culture.

So am I racist? What does that even mean? Racist? Do I understand the differences between different cultures and people? Absolutely! I'd be a freaking idiot not to. Blacks can kill it at basketball. Jews dominate finance. Asians are good with technology. And on and on. I am smart enough to know that different cultures and people are better and worse at certain things. This isn't racist, this is data. This is science.

The same goes with men and women. Men are better at some things than women and women are better at some things than men. This doesn't make me sexist. It makes me educated. This doesn't mean that white people can't be good at basketball or that Indians can't dominate finance. They just generally don't. So am I racist? That's a shallow question. I recognize the differences between all people and understand how everyone has the potential to do anything in life. People are only limited by themselves.

Everyone is racist to different degrees. Period. Everybody has different opinions on everything they do. That is why they are unique. To not distinguish between different races and cultures is to not understand that there are differences. And to say that all different cultures are all equally good is not necessarily true. Some are better at certain things and some are worse. They all generally balance each other out, but they are not the same! Just as we need people of all different interests and passions in the world, we also need people of different races. The more diversity the better.

To not recognize the differences between people is to cheat yourself from true understanding. You can't reach a higher level of understanding by lying to yourself and living in fantasy land. Different people have different strengths and weaknesses. And different cultures have different strengths and weaknesses. I'm not talking about better or worse as a whole. I'm talking about better or worse in certain things as demonstrated by science and data.

Small people get thrown off by racial discussions because they are too caught up in branding and not caught up enough in the finer details and energies at play. But that goes for everything in life. Just another day letting one word throw off an intelligent conversation I suppose.

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