Religious people rarely progress

Why is it that people think it is okay to never progress and sit around in their comfort zone? I guess a bit part of it is because they don't think, just like sheep don't think. Forcing yourself to go to church on Sunday does you little good if you don't honestly want to be there in the first place. Just showing up to think that God is happy about you going is pretty backwards thinking. You need to actually work your mind and grow! Church and religion has people set up to sit around sipping milk all day when they should be out seeking out meat! They need to take on the tough issues and grow.

Let me ask you something. How many first graders graduate and move onto second grade once they have picked up the lessons of that grade? Pretty much EVERY single one. Now think about this: How many religious people GRADUATE up to the next grade once they have accomplished the basics? None! Most churches and religions are not set up to have you progress. Why is this? I'll tell you why: religious people are sheep! They don't want to go out on their own and follow the narrow path. They want the wide, easy, safe path that every other person in church follows.

Fellowship? Please...

Is this really what their God wants them to do? This doesn't sound like Godly behavior at all. Oh that's right, they need "Fellowship." Fellowship certainly can't be an explanation, for even the evil-doers have fellowship! How then is this any better than those that practice fellowship for evil? Sitting around with your own kind all day does nothing for those that need your help most. Religious people are just sitting around at church festering.

How many religious people that you know actually make a stand for anything? How many people actually put to practice their beliefs and values? Very few. And why is this? It's because they're sheep and lack substance and Godly behavior.

Religious people should hang out with the sick and evil

Jesus said it best, "It is not the healthy who require a doctor, but the sick: I did not come to appeal to the righteous, but to sinners." - Mark 2:17. Why then does every religious person spend 100% of their time in "Fellowship" with the "healthy". There is only one answer: they're weak and do not honestly want to grow.

If you are strong in your religion you should be able to take on any evil in your path. You should go out seeking darkness looking to spread your light. The truth can't be tampered with so why then do so many religious people avoid conflict, evil and the sick?

Religion is limiting

Let me put it this way: Any man made thing is limiting. Think about it. In order for something to be created by man it has to have some type of LIMIT placed on it, otherwise it would not be finite. Religion follows this limiting pattern. What happens when somebody outgrows their religion? Are they now a bad person because they want to move past their religion?

Religion has to place a certain structure of rules to maintain order within the church and to keep things from getting out of control. But with any type of structure, it is made to the best of knowledge at the time and has issues with scaling when more and more people use it, and with time and new knowledge. Most religions hold inane beliefs despite what science pretty clearly represents. Why is this? It can be a number of reasons, but it all comes down to it being earthly and man-made. People should be seeking that which is spiritual, not that which is earthly. If religion is getting between you and God you should "cut it out and throw it away."

Every religion has aspects of the truth

Every bit of evil, no matter how evil, always has some truth. So why is it then that people are so scared of other religions? If you talk about other religions to any religious person they will immediately take you on full force with phrases their "master" has told them, "the sheep", to say. It is a form of weakness, and heres how:

A strong person would not be afraid of any religion. A strong person would take on claims from anyone and look into them. A strong person would think for himself and make rational decisions based on evidence and research. Why then do so many people not do this? I think by now you know why. They're lazy, they're thoughtless and they're sheep.


So what religion am I you ask? I'm not a religion, I'm a follower of Jesus and the Bible. I follow truth and logic and try to show fruits of the Word in all aspects of life. Every day is another day for me to walk with God, not exclusively Sunday.

I understand the reason for religion and I think it's a good thing for people starting out. But this easy, happy place can quickly become a hell hole if people don't move on when they are ready to. It is sorry and sick for people to just sit around stagnating in their growth while they think they are in "fellowship" with God. I really don't think God is too happy about the whole situation. You be the judge.

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ayn rand: How True!


Anonymous: rightly so do the religious

rightly so do the religious liken themselves to sheep

Anonymous: Sheep....... yes ........sheep!!!

I agree with you .......only I would take it even a step further and ask??? If religion is such a good thing then why has it killed more people than any disease, sickness, or plague?? MORE PEOPLE HAVE DIED FIGHTING OVER THEIR NARROW MINDED RELIGIOUS BELIEFS THAN ANY DISEASE, SICKNESS, OR PLAGUE. All of this killing is against everything their so called holy book tells them to believe, and do they question this......NO.....they just follow the rest of the flock to the slaughter!!! It makes me sick to think that people are so weak minded in the day and age that we live in. These sheep truly believe there is an almighty and powerful being that will protect them from the evils of the world. People must believe in themselves and accomplish great things in life on their own, without this so called god and the rest of the flock that follows. Only when these sheep open their eyes will this world evolve into something great. I can only hope that humanity will one day see the light and realize religion is a massive fraud!!!

Anonymous: this article is brilliant!

this article is brilliant! it's exactly what I've been thinking

Gary Fletcher: People are sheep

I agree with you about the statement of many christians but not all of it. Every bit of evil does not have some truth. Some of it is blatant.Facts are subject to manipulation whereas truth is absolute.Thinking for ones self is fine providing a man does not trust in his own intellect. Mans wisdom is foolishness in the sight of GOD.
I don't think that you should throw the baby out with the bath water because 100% of christians are not this way.I didn't avoid the needy .I took 10 homeless strangers into my house and 4 of them were with me for 6 months or more.I did it for Gods glory only. I fed other homeless and push a man (who was an amputee ) over a mile to help him get an apartment. Im not trying to boast or proclaim this as self righteous filthy rags.Elijah thought that he was the only Godly man left but GOD said thet there were 7,000. I know what you are saying because i can't stand pew sitters as well.Yes,there are alot of unfruitful christians that have little more than stubble.It is good at times to give a strong message (as you have done) at times but i will let GOD sort it all out and be the judge of it in the end.

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