The rich are always ahead of the poor and middle class. The rich aren't fooled and they make the rules.

The rich are not fooled by the college bubble. They've moved on. College is no longer important. College doesn't educate, it indoctrinates. College doesn't help, it hurts. College doesn't teach you how to think, it teaches you what to think. The rich know this. That's why they own the schools and don't attend them. College is just another business to them.

The rich aren't fooled by inflation. They've already protected themselves. They know how money works and they know how economies work. They understand real assets and fake assets. They know how to make money in fake markets and how to make money in real markets. The rich know about what inflation is and why it's caused. The rich profit off inflation.

The rich are not fooled by China or India, they use them to their advantage. Of course NAFTA and GATT gutted America dry. That was the plan. The rich have made great profits moving your job somewhere else. But hey, if Americans are lazy and stupid I guess there's not much to say.

The rich are not fooled by socialism, they invented it. Of course it's a scam. But they're profiting from it. Scams usually are profitable, that is, until they get caught. Then you have to jump ship and start a new one. Socialism has never worked throughout history. It's not designed for the poor or middle class. It's designed for the rich.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? The rich are lightyears ahead of the . They knew 40 years ago that the dollar was on the way out. They knew 40 years ago that industry was on the way out. They knew 40 years ago that socialism was on the way in. The rich know what's going on because they invent it. They create the problems and solutions so they can make money. They create the markets. Until the figure this out they will continue to be left fleeced by the rich who are always years and years ahead of them. And by the time the finally figure it out rest assured that the rich have yet another scam ready to fleece the all over again with. But don't take it personal... it's just business.

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