Let's talk history:

The old world was dominated by religion with the primary candidate being the Vatican. They took real concepts and completely perverted them for control. They have dominated Europe and the world for over 2,000 years.

The new world is now shaping up to be ran by the same group of people, just with science rather than religion. Science is the religion for the new world. The powers behind religion and the Vatican know that the religion game is on its way out and that is why science is institutionalized so much now. It is going the same way as religion. The people in control always take what is in and pervert it for their control. It is so sad how so few people understand this.

I am amazed how nobody seems to realize this. Keep believing that Stephen Hawking and these other scientists are the apex of human thought and reason. Keep believing that global warming is caused by vehicles. Keep believing institutionalized (religious) science. It's big business and somebody is winning off it. If it really is so simple as to cover universal truths and personal freedom with the veil of science I suspect I would choose to profit off it as well. They want to keep you stupid. They want you to be dumbed down. They want you to only know so much as science will reveal to you. Doesn't anybody get the bigger picture of what's really going on here?

1,000 years ago people were enslaved through religion and ignorance. Today people are enslaved through science and ignorance.

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