People are always so confused by semantic word games. What they will do under one word they will not do under another. Simply changing the actual word can dictate deeper into their actual actions. It's crazy.

People love turning words into brands which have a set meaning. For instance the word Kleenex is branded for a soft tissue. Q-Tip is branded for a cotton swab. Likewise, people brand words and people with certain meanings that often lead to confusion, manipulation and limitation.

Slave vs Employee

There really isn't that much difference. Oh ok, sure some slaves were treated terrible and had great physical damage acted on them, but the same can be said for employees. Go take a look at some factories. The attributes between a slave and an employee are almost the exact same, yet we like to think of them as completely different. Slavery is much worse because that was from an older time and has been done away with! All slaves lived much worse than employees. That's just not the case. An employee is very similar to a slave. Employees work at least 3 months out the year to pay taxes for interest on the national debt - sounds like slavery to me. Why would you work for somebody for free? People haven't quite figured out that being an employee is very close to being a slave.

God vs Satan

People look at the word God and think good and look at Satan and think bad. But is that really what we should do? Where do these words come from? If you research where these words come from you will discover that it isn't so clean cut. Satan doesn't mean bad, it means adversary. And an adversary isn't necessarily a bad thing. It can be a good thing in many ways.

Bible vs Book

If The Holy Bible was actually just a philosophical book that people read it would have a lot less to live up to and would most likely be digested a lot easier. But since it has been branded as "the" book people find ways to use it for whatever purpose they want. Conversely, any other book that isn't the Bible isn't held in as high of esteem as the Bible by many people. Who's to say the Bible got it right? Sure it's a great book, but there are a lot of good books out there.


When people in America hear the word democracy most of them think of the best type of government on the planet. They think of a perfect system that can't be beat. I just want to come back to this word in 100 years and see if it still holds the same merit it does today. BTW, America is not supposed to be a democracy. Let's see what a founding father had to say about democracy:

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.
Thomas Jefferson

Weird. It appears that somewhere along the lines democracy replaced the word republic. That's one way to do it.


Every time somebody hears the word freedom in America they immediately think, that's my country! That's what I am! There's no such thing as freedom. Define freedom. If it is having to spend more than 1/2 your day working to be free then is it really free? Is freedom a possibility on planet earth? How can you be free if you are not free to live where you want to live, do what you want to do and enjoy what you want to enjoy. Freedom has never and most likely will never exist on earth.


Every time somebody hears the word Hitler they think Jews, Evil, genocide, killer, World War II, never to even think what else Hitler was. Hitler has become the complete icon for evil, similar to Satan.

Jew vs Israel

When people hear the word Jew they most likely think of a persecuted race that is God's chosen people. This topic could be discussed for hours but anybody who's done a bit of research knows this isn't the case. Israel, as claimed in the Bible, is not the Jews. The Jews are 1/12 of Israel.


When people hear free they think it is possible to actually receive something for nothing. Kinda like the "free" commercials they watch on TV, the "free" ads they see on the Internet, the "free" reselling of their information behind their back.


When people hear the word Jesus they think: God, the Creator, the Divine, Perfection, Savior and so on. That's one way to look at it. But where does this word come from? What did Jesus really represent? How is it possible for a human to be analogous to the universe? Jesus, probably more than any other person in recent history, has been branded as something that hardly anyone could ever live up to.

I don't really know where I'm going with this other than to warn people that it would be of great value to look beyond the surface of simple words and understand the dynamics behind them. Words don't just mean one simple thing. There is lots of ways to look at it and lots of different things going on. A simple black and white view of words can be a dangerous thing.

This all goes back to people viewing the world at 8-bit resolution as opposed to 1024-bit resolution. They are viewing the world with 8 bits of information where the wise view the world with 1024 bits of information.

As Jordan Maxwell says, add an S to word and you get sword, because that's what they are.

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