Somehow us web developers have really got to seriously do something about IE. I don't know what it is, but I really can't take it anymore. I am sick of developing hacks, work-arounds and other time wasters for Micro$oft.

Possible Solutions

  1. Disable IE Support

    This is obviously a great solution, but the problem is none of the large websites will follow suit. Small sites will drop IE support all day long but unfortunately less than 1% of the web is not going to make a difference. In order for this to really work we would have to somehow get sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace and YouTube to stop supporting IE and tell them to get something else. These guys just won't do that? Or will they? Is there some type of way to make it beneficial for them to do that? How do we go about bringing forth a movement where the people at the top of the web will follow along and destroy IE once and for all?

  2. Some type of viral thing?

    I'm not sure what this would be, but if there was some way to trick the sheeple into downloading Firefox off some MySpace or YouTube widget that would be awesome.

  3. Spam / Piss off Microsoft?

    A while back some people collected like a million AOL CD's and spammed AOL right back. I can't remember the effect this had but I like this type of thinking. If there was a way to somehow shove this trash right back in Microsofts face that would be sweet. Could all the spam in the world stop them? Maybe.

    I don't know what it'd be but if there was a way to ping their servers hardcore, spam their support databases, spam their emails, spam their physical location maybe then they'd finally get the point.

That's all I got

Does anybody else have any more ideas? I'm totally down on acting on something if it makes sense and will have an impact.

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Ben: Hiya

Unfortunately I don't think attacking micro$soft is the way to go. I'm pretty sure they aren't still providing support to ie6 since their focus is on ie7 or above. The most you could hope for (and this would be extreme) would be that they would automatically FORCE users to upgrade to ie7, and frankly I don't see them doing this. It would be a much too invasive move on micro$softs part and would only lead to bad press because you know there are some assholes out there that love ie6.

I also don't think that Google or yahoo or any of the main websites would dare block browsers that used internet explorer. More than half my traffic on my website comes from IE users, and the majority of my traffic is from organic google search results. Google is an advertising company and by blocking half of the sheeple they are cutting off half their audience. I doubt all the adwords users would be very happy about that.

There will always be a portion of users that browse with explorer, and as long as micros$oft's operating systems comes bundled with it there isn't much we can do. What we should hope for is for microsoft to release an operating system that is so much better than XP or Vista that it makes people WANT to upgrade, and with that new OS comes IE 8 or 9 or 10 which I imagine will be a firefox clone by that point. That won't happen for another 3+ years AT LEAST, and its more likely it will take over 5 years.

Our only other hope would be if google somehow released an online OS of their own to compete with windows. If it were online I think that the nations wireless network would have to be expanded quite a bit because people would have to be online to even use their computers. Even if it was so fantastic that people wanted to switch, googles OS would have to be really fantastic to compete with micros$$$ofts marketshare.

There really is no reasonable way that I can see to stop the prevalence of IE6. So I guess we as web designers will just have to deal with it, or hope that micros$oft releases a patch that cleans up all of their CSS errors and shit.

If it were 50 years ago I would stick a pitchfork up internet explorers ass. It's a Browser its a browser!!!

Anonymous: I'm trying to view your site

I'm trying to view your site in IE5 and it isn't displaying correctly. can you fix that please?

Quinton Figueroa: You son of a bitch!
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You son of a bitch!

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