When did it become so freaking honorable to be skeptical? Skeptics think that somehow being a skeptic makes them more accurate and knowledgeable when it comes to scientific and intellectual discussions.

Skeptics usually have a God-complex where they feel that they are an above all authority over other people - as if they somehow hold the sacred keys to knowledge because they have not become perverted in "dirty" research waters.

The plain fact of the matter is skeptics are extremely limited. They live in a world of infinite possibility and understanding and choose to only work with a finite amount of possibility. If something is not addressed to them with their name and not written word for word in plain English it is simply the product of a stupid people, bad translation, imagination or anything else that can not be trusted as reliable.

And This Is Supposed To Be Admirable?

I would not consider this an admirable trait, in fact I'd call it an extremely weak trait. Sometimes things aren't always in plain black and white and you actually have to do research. You may spend 20 years of your life only to discover that you have completed 5% of the puzzle. Great things come with great work.

Skeptics become skeptical because of the large amount of variety and opinions in the world. Rather than spending the hard work of sorting through it and holding on to that which is true, they just throw out everything completely never to take the first step towards success. Skeptics are basically bad businessmen in their game of intelligence - I think Glenn Kimball says it best:

Ask 10 people if you should start a new business. 10 out of 10 of them will say NO.

This is the EXACT mentality behind most skeptics. Everything is wrong, there is no way to make it work, I will continue denying all things.

Many people reach the greatest success in business when they are going up against all odds and nobody has any hope left for them. Despite this fact skeptics still don't quite understand this concept. They don't understand the concept of failing many times before finally finding that missing piece that moves them forward. They don't understand the concept of going up against adversity or being creative. Skeptics are the sheeple in the corner of the room pointing their finger not knowing they are simply programmed with the language of the times.

Things take research, things take patience, the answer isn't always right there in front of you and it doesn't mean you should stop right there bashing everything that doesn't jump out in front of you and say in plain English, I am the truth.

There is obviously a time and place for being skeptical, but it shouldn't be when it is the very thing holding you from the truth. Use your skepticism to help you, not to limit you.

The Bottom Line

Skeptics are the keepers of the current age - nothing more, nothing less. They simply go with the flow and add very little value to any type of progression or advancement, they merely play back the rote things they have been taught by their masters.

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Brade: Good lookin' out

I like the blog, man (found it via the Ubercart article). You're right that skeptics tend to dismiss all systems of thought too readily whilst not admitting that they're clinging onto a system of their own. Of course, I myself admit to a certain measure of apathy, but that is balanced with the fact that Truth (whatever it may be) is what I prize the most.

Quinton Figueroa: I appreciate the response
@Brade (view comment)

I appreciate the response Brade :). Thanks man.

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