Socialism is against evolution. A central theme of evolution is the concept of the survival of the fittest - where the strong survive and the weak perish. It doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong. This is nature, this is science. As things evolve weak attributes are dropped while strong attributes are sustained. This kind of reality is what makes evolution possible. Evolution adjusts for whatever situation is at hand by sustaining the strongest form.

Socialism clearly does not follow the pattern of evolution. Socialism is actually the opposite of evolution. Socialism is survival of the weakest. Socialism rewards failure. Socialism rewards bad decisions. Socialism rewards all the weakest attributes - while punishing all the strong attributes. In socialism the strong are punished and the weak are rewarded.

So if evolution is a natural and scientific principle then socialism is clearly an unnatural principle that promotes devolution. With socialism you are doing the opposite of evolving - you are devolving. With socialism you are taking out the strong and necessary and replacing it with the weak and unnecessary. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. But then again, that is exactly what the inventors of socialism want.

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Rick: So true

Humanity is being out bread by the weak and unable to support themselves population, while the people who contribute to society are only having one child maybe 2 if any at all, People who are uneducated can't keep a job, live on social grants are breeding 4-6 children at a time out breeding the capable...

Quinton Figueroa: This is all too true. The
@Rick (view comment)

This is all too true. The most capable people to be parents are the least likely to be. The people who make the worst parents have the most children. Funny how that works...

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