Socialists are a curious bunch when it comes to parenting. Socialists are unique when it comes to educating the next generation. Socialists are a different breed when it comes to solving the problems of the day.

Forgotten Nature

There is an increasing trend with socialists where they have forgotten nature. They talk about going green, but they go behind nature's back when it comes to going to work. They talk of saving the climate, but there's no talk of saving themselves.

What am I trying to say? I'm saying that nature, aka the universe, has certain principles that are established and so far as we know irrefutable. Some of these principles are cause and effect. Others are principles of balance - good and bad. Others are principles of time, strife, challenge, struggle and growth.

Nature is the master of our lives and the ultimate rulebook. To go against nature is to go against science if you're an atheist or God if you're religious. Nature is the bottom line. What nature says, we should follow. Nature knows best. Nature is precise. Nature is universal law and does not waver in its decision making. Nature is neither for nor against. Nature has both good and bad. Nature can be the most beautiful thing or the most ugly thing. Nature can bring pleasure and nature can bring despair. Nature is here as a guide for us, whether we want to accept this or not.

The socialist agenda crumbles to its knees when scrutinized in relation to nature. Socialism promotes things that are not naturally possible. Nature itself shows that getting something for nothing is not possible. Nature shows that there can not only be good. Nature also shows that certain things take time. Nature shows that certain things take work. Nature also shows that sometimes you may never get what you want ever. Nature is not in the business of bringing itself to our liking, but rather us bringing ourselves to nature's liking. Nature is above us and therefore our guide.


So if nature shows us that a life of luxury must be earned, why do we think otherwise? Why are we so foolish as to think we can have days of pleasure and relaxation without first having days of work and struggle?

If nature shows us that sometimes some trees never grow up to be quite as tall or as straight as others we have the need to try to change things? Why do we think that every person should be fixed or should be the same? Why do we think that everybody should have the same "fair" start in life when nature clearly shows the contrary?

If nature shows us that those who do not prepare for a hurricane are wiped out why then do we become confused when those who don't prepare for life get wiped out?

If nature shows that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction why are we then surprised to suffer the consequences of our actions? We have no problem accepting the positive consequences of our good actions but can't seem to accept the negative consequences of our bad actions, or lack of action altogether.

If we can accept times of bad earning us times of good, we should equally accept that times of good will earn us times of bad.


Nature has good. Nature has bad. Socialists only want good. They do not want bad. This is a pressing problem for our age and I hope we can one day understand that things aren't always easy or free. We live in a universe of balance.

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Michael: You do know socialism is when

You do know socialism is when the workers own means of production. Most socialists disagree with the welfare state so I honestly don't know what you are talking about. Also I do not see any facts or figures so for all I know you could be speaking out of your ass.

mel64: Wanting good is bad , okay

Wanting good is bad , okay got it :-) thanks man :)

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