Socialists use government force to take money from one person to give it to another. That is crime. That is something that you and I would go to jail for if we tried it on the streets.

So why is it allowed? Because people are stupid is about the best answer you're going to get. Socialists are criminals. That's all there is to it. The people on the receiving end of socialism (the criminals) are too stupid to know that capitalism is better for them in the long run so they are fooled into thinking crime beats hard work.

Socialists think that no work beats out hard work. They think that they are better at spending other people's money than other people are. They think that because they don't work for something they deserve a right to it. They think that because somebody is rich that they won't help people who are poor. That's just straight BS. The richest people in the world pay the most taxes. The richest people in the world increase the standard of living of the poor socialists. Let me say it again. These "greedy" capitalist pigs are the people who brought you the Internet, the computer, the television, the automobile, the cell phone and all these other things that make our lives easier. Capitalists increase the standard of living.

I'll say it again. Socialists are criminals. In the world of socialism crime pays. If we were to go right now and practice the principles of socialism on the streets we would be practicing crime. That is because the principles of socialism are crime. How do I make it any more clear?

Yeah, sure giving things to people is high and moral... But giving things to people that YOU STOLE from someone else is called crime. C-R-I-M-E. I can't go to Walmart and steal a bicycle and then give it to some bum. That's called crime because I am hurting Walmart when I do that. How would you like it if I went to your house and stole $100 out of your wallet and then said I was right because I was helping people. I'm giving your $100 to somebody who is poor so it is okay. I know what I'm doing. No it's not okay. It's straight BS and it's illogical, immoral and completely criminal.

1 out of 1 socialists are criminals. Way to go guys. So much for socialists being the kind, generous caregivers of society. They're the angry mob in the streets that will cut your head off if you think you have a right to your own money that you worked for legally. You don't mess with a mob of angry socialists -- they're a dangerous pack of wolves looking for their next victim. Socialists are the angry beasts of our modern day. Angry beasts practicing crime.

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Anonymous: YOU ARE SO RIGHT !

You are 1000% right with all what you say.
But we have to realize nowadays, most people are THE ENEMY.

Blessed be you.

annmariapeter: Who are the best socialists

Who are the best socialists in a country? The government people who spokes for their rights. Are they the socialists? No never. The socialists are t he persons who dedicate their life to the society for the betterment of the people in the society.

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