The mind is simply fascinating. It is the one thing that directs our thoughts, controls our decision making process, creates who we are and does so much more. But what is our mind? Is it just physical atoms mathematically fulfilling their purpose or is it more than that? I have by no means the answer to this but I would like to pose some thoughts I have on it.

In my opinion, the mind is pretty much our soul. Our mind is the one thing that is eternal and can survive without a physical body. You may say, well what about the brain, I thought the brain does all the thinking.

The Mind Does Not Need The Body

I don't think the mind needs the body/brain to survive. As with a lot of things in life you can't really "prove" this, but I can say I've read a lot of near death experiences of people who claim exist even more conscious outside their body than in it. To say that without the brain we can't exist is a fair statement, but there are lot's of fair statements that can be made about anything.

What about this statement: Light is not bound by time and exists outside of space. Our brain is made out of atoms which are essentially made out of light. Where and what is our mind really?

The brain isn't really for our existence, but for our interpretation of the world, our mechanism for growth physically. I see the brain as almost a cap that limits our thinking and forces us to work our way back to unlimited knowledge through its limitations. Why does it work this way you ask? Well that's for another discussion, but basically because we are here to grow and progress.

Based off my research there is no change outside of time, hence there would exist no change in the spiritual realm. I'm not sure if this is really the case but it makes sense for sure. Things can only change where there is the time element, and the concept of cause and effect. Because of time, everything in this earth consists of change and because of this "change" it has growth (and often regression). But what it does have is contrast and change. This physical world with our brain allows for growth.

The Evolution of Intelligence

I would also like to touch on how I find thinking and conscious decisions as a higher form of evolution and growth. I think the ability to think and reason is something that happens when you are ready to do so. Lower forms of life have less and less thinking.

For instance, take an animal like a dog. It may be able to make decisions and choose one thing from another, but does it consciously recognize itself as an entity? I really don't think it does. It may be able to think and choose, but it can't look objectively at itself as a creature and say, "look I'm a dog and I exist." The same goes with most animals or lower forms of life.

I mean look at insects. I think these have even less thinking abilities than most mammals. They don't really make decisions like that of a dog. They are more or less a "program", but they do still have attributes of thinking. They're not completely trapped. I think the lower down you go in the progression of life the less free will and thinking ability you have and the more instinctual and programmatic thinking. You are less free.

Look at plants. They still essentially "live", but you can't really define them as a "being", or can you? They don't really think and they don't have free will, but they do "live" and they do grow - they progress. I see plants as like an even lower form of intelligence than insects, a really, really low form. I see intelligence as something like movement of atoms or some type of transfer of energy - change. It seems fair to say that anything in this world (and possibly anywhere) displays attributes of intelligence.

Now how far do you go with this? Rocks have particles moving inside them... I'm obviously taking it really far and you're probably pissed about it but that's fine, I like taking things far :). It seems fair to say that everything in this world displays some type of attribute of movement or life. Everything is in one way or another a creation from light and from energy. Everything is pretty much the same thing, just more less of it, and more evolved and complex. Everything is mathematically perfect and simple. I think this train of thinking follows this simplicity and perfection.

Universal Mind

I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think in some way our mind and soul is a part of God or some Universal Mind. I think it is all tied in together and that our minds are just threads of it or some type of part of it trying to unify itself back into one so that it may sit in complete harmony and perfection with complete consciousness, something like that anyway.

I mean seriously, we just keep getting smarter and smarter as people and are becoming more and more aware of ourselves, our surroundings and our life. We work better in groups when we can combine and unify everyones thoughts and ideas. The more minds, and more importantly "link minded minds" we have together the better.

Just a couple thousand years ago we didn't know much about atoms, space, time or any of that. And now we are starting to get a grasp on these things. Who's to say what the future holds? I think we will become smarter and smarter and unlock the mysteries of the world.

And by the way, I really don't think there are any "mysteries". Everything is right here in front of us. We're just too stupid to be able to make sense of any of it. It takes years of evolution for us to slowly discover more and more.


Anyhow, enough rambling. I just think that intelligence and thinking is a very interesting thing. I think we are all somehow linked together and there is possibly one central mainframe - God, or some sub-God or something). I see there as almost being some type of sole singularity of light that is twisted and shaped in such a way that it creates life, intelligence and our whole universe.

Call me some crazy hippy or Pothead - hell call me Steve Pavlina, this all makes great sense to me and the more research I do about this the more pieces I find that fit in place.

Most people may not agree with all this and that's fine, but if you don't ask yourself if you have looked into it and care to look into it objectively yourself. Everyone I know that has looked into this and put some thought into this reaches similar conclusions that I have. Thanks for reading :).

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