It hit my while walking to the bathroom today reading content on my iPhone. I realized that we are getting more and more connected and content is getting to our consciousness faster and faster. We used to only share information verbally, then we moved onto printing, then we moved onto television, then the Internet and now mobile devices.

Since we are all on our way to merging/becoming Gods I think this shows that his consciousness is super fast. It seems the more conscious we become and the quicker we interpret information the more we become Gods.

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aHi: God-Point

I call it moving towards the God-Point. I see the Internet and all that comes with that technology creates the new emerging pardigm, economic and spiritually, raising our vibration and consciousness to the degree of the God-Point and that we are well on our way to bringing heaven on earth. Another reason for the rape of America's wealth and the powers that be going around spreading the lie of doom and gloom. They are the ones who's time is up and are dying not you and me but they do not want you to know the truth. I see your link "The Goverment Got Us Good" so I know you know what I mean. Inquiring minds find the truth and the truth will set you free. Keep up the good work.

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