A haiku:

Born In Ignorance
Controlled By The Government
Die In Ignorance

In other words:

  • You are born
  • You don't know where you came from
  • You waste time in school
  • You become an employee
  • You barely get by
  • You make the government wealthy
  • You die just as confused as ever
  • You: 0, System: 1

We're all just manufactured products. They really got us good!

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Anonymous: You think thats air your

You think thats air your breathing now?


Quinton Figueroa: *Gets pwned by Morpheus*
@Anonymous (view comment)

*Gets pwned by Morpheus*

Ignacio: Life is hard, isn't it?

This is very true, and due to the way our system is made very few people will be able to succeed. The education systems around the world prepare us to be just mere employees following orders and not people who can create and innovate.

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