A lot of people get freaked out about technology and change. For instance, a lot of people are nervous about the push for globalization and a one-world government, myself included. But the thing is, it's not really the optimization or the efficiency of this that is the problem. A one-world government does make sense as there are a number of benefits. The problem comes from the forces and driving force behind it.

If there are evil people behind something with high technology it will basically scale the evil to where it is more noticeable. The same can be said about good, if there are good people behind a technology it will scale the effect of the good behavior.

An Example

People don't like the concept of Federal government control because it delivers are much stronger reality that you have less control of than one at the state level. The smaller state mentality allows people to be more isolated and feel very small vibrations. If something changes at the federal level the state won't feel it as hard since it acts as a filter in-between. As soon as you remove the state filter the effects at the federal level are felt much quicker and harder.

The reason people like the state structure is because they see the federal government as more of a bad bad thing than a good thing. If they felt it was more good than bad they would actually want less state control and complete federal control (I am aware some people DO want this - they're called sheeple). This is because now if something good happened at the federal level they would feel it much sooner without having it pass through their state filter.

This same analogy can be used with the relationship between nations and a one-world government. It's the same concept with just a different relativity. This same analogy can also be used in relation to pretty much everything around us.

I hope I'm making some sense here.

Technology and Change is Independent of Action

What I'm getting at is how it's not a bad thing to have technology and these optimization type things, the problem is the driving forces behind them which make them bad. All technology does is act as a scaling factor for whatever force chooses to drive it, be it good or bad.

Most people are into staying isolated and without change because the forces behind the change are more often than not evil (we live in an evil world if you haven't noticed). However, if people were at a higher level of consciousness and we were at a level of self-accountability we would not mind these one-world governments, RFID chips, digital currency and all the other things that freak people out while ever so efficiently removing rote tasks.

But until we reach that level (and things aren't looking good) we will continue to bash technology, change and efficiency even though technology is independent of our direction of choosing. It's not the independent scaling system that's the problem, it's the problem that's the problem. Fix the problem and the technology and change will make sense.

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Ben: State

Another reason why a lot of people like state control is they feel like they are more in control of the state government. If I really wanted to I could get a meeting with the mayor of my city and talk to him about whatever concerned me. I bet I could even get a meeting with the governor, although in a big state like California that might be harder to do, and the wait time might be longer.

But could I get a meeting with the president of the united states? I doubt it, unless I either contributed a lot to his campaign or I was a war hero or some type.


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