Since I have a lot of quotes on this site and am a big fan of quotes I figured why not write a blog post about one of my favorite ones. This quote comes from a guy named Jesus, although maybe I should tell you his name is 50 Cent so you take him a bit more seriously: "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

I find this quote especially encouraging as it shows you that it is less about the big picture, and more about doing the right move as much as you can - at least that's my current interpretation of it. Jesus is basically saying that yeah, theres planning, there's money you're going to need, there's bills that are going to need to be paid, but look beyond that. Look into the now and understand that living the best life you can live this very day will take care of all the things you need.

Granted I'm sure some people will like to argue this and say that this won't yield good results and you will go poor and I ask the question, have you ever tried it? To this very day I try my best to live each day like this and it seems like a very solid way to structure your life. Rather than worrying about things and stressing out over things I find it much more valuable to live in the current moment as full and productive as you can be. This doesn't mean I don't plan and I don't think about the future, I most certainly do. I think the difference is that I don't worry about it. I understand that what happens happens and I take each day one at a time. If you spend each day worrying about tomorrow you will never get anything done.

It's okay to waste time doing something that is not part of your normal agenda. It's okay to spend an entire day helping somebody in need of help. I find that the more I try to live by this way of life the more things start to come together.

The first few days I may not quite see what is going on. Maybe a month will pass and I will still be confused why I'm not living my own agenda. But, eventually when time comes to pass I am able to look back and say, ahah, now I get why these things happened the way they did. The puzzle starts to be pieced together before my eyes and during all this I sit back and think to myself just how awesome our daily lives really are.

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