I keep hearing people saying that the economy is doing this or the economy is doing that. Or that the economy is bad, when will it be good again? You keep hearing people say the economy is bad. The economy is totally based on people and their work. If people don't innovate or work hard of course the economy is bad. Of course the recession has to do with banks not lending and the tightening of the money supply, in regards to loans we can get that is, but who freaking cares? We're still here, we can still work. We can still take care of our immediate needs. We don't need loans to farm. We don't need loans to take care of our immediate needs. We don't need loans to live a healthy and prosperous life. Are people so conditioned to think that a healthy economy is one built on elastic loans? Are we so betrayed to think that our economy is dependent on a few criminals at the top?

Our economy is us. We are the economy. If we need something, we put forth our labor for it and while doing so we say screw you to the banks. We shouldn't be using their loans of usury, it only creates misery in the end. Have we not learned our lesson? We are the economy. We have the ability to make the economy go up or down. It is based on our hard work and our innovation alone. We need to pull out the overalls and get busy, nobody else is going to do the work for you and nobody should do the work for you. It's about time we stopped complaining and started doing something about it. We have a perfect opportunity to finally cleanse this nation and come back stronger than ever. All we need to do is get to work, and not for somebody else. We need to work on constructive projects that are useful and needed. As Manly P Hall says, "Success is the accomplishment of the necessary". We don't need jobs so people can go be robots. We need creativity and hard work to solve the problems facing us and accomplish the necessary.

The bad economy is a total illusion. If our economics is really dependent on the big banks and the government then we are not really living and are not really free. We are slaves serving a foreign appetite. The economy is us. Big banks have never done an ounce of work in their life and they never will. They're not the economy. They take from the economy, but they don't provide. We need to really figure out what's going on here and understand who really holds the cards. It's not them. The banks are nothing. As far as I'm concerned David Rockefeller should be the one out digging ditches in the heat of summer. It's about time we gave up our serf mentality and became human beings. We hold the cards. We are the economy. We choose whether the economy is good or bad. Not them.

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Concerned: Economy

I have to disagree with you on this one. The economy is in shambles. Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to agree with your remedy of getting to work without loans from banks and using innovation and hard work to get back on track, it simply isn't feasible on a large scale. Most businesses have to rely on bank loans to expand and provide more jobs. Sure, there are those who can afford to build businesses without taking a loan, however there are many who cannot. There are people who have great business ideas or inventions but require a business loan to get started. In addition, there are those who may have the money but do not want to put everything on the line, especially in these times, and thus desire to finance a portion of the capital for their business venture. One alternative for some business minded individuals is to seek out a venture capitalist, yet in these times even that may be an unlikely option.

Economics is far more complex than most people realize. Years ago people did not rely on loans from banks nearly as much as they do these days, however the fact of the matter is the banks have spoiled and ruined the old mentality and thus most people rely on them for loans. Also, the cost of doing business has increased significantly over the years due to government regulations, licenses, taxes, fees, etc. Therefore, young entrepreneurs often have no choice but to apply for a loan and/or grant. I wish it were as simple as you explained but it just isn't unfortunately.

JeffersonP: re: There's No Such Thing As A Bad Economy

In this economy that we have, we should be resourceful so that we will be able to save a lot of money. You should comparison shop for every product or service you intend to use, and that includes finding the best banks. A bunch of big banks are offering incentives to join them and become the biggest post recession bank – Bank of America, BB&T, and numerous others are offering cash incentives for anyone creating a checking account with their bank, plus some requirements of course. (Granted, their overdraft policies will send anyone going even a penny over running for payday loans.) A person might be better off actually going to a credit union, as they have better interest rates on accounts, and on loans – and far more emphasis on customer service than shareholder enrichment.

ColemanB: bad economy

Whatever how you may want to see it. The reality that this nation has been thrown itself in a pit of debt cannot be denied. I think the people should make the move to repair and fix their own accounts. They must learn that relying so much in debt cannot bring a lasting good. Daily use and appreciation of debt such as credit card debt will only leave a future for our grandchildren a million debt that they have to pay for which they have not been benefited from.

Concerned: Economy

Perhaps I misunderstood the blog entry, or maybe everyone else misunderstood it. Of course, I agree that people need to stop relying on bank loans for purchasing items they desire but do not necessarily need. Personally I like to pay cash for everything, but fortunately I have a pretty good paying career and I know how to save. Sadly, most people haven't a clue, nor are they taught anything in school.

However, I was merely referring to bank loans for businesses. That is what I thought the blog was discussing. The fix to the economy is to get people back to work, and that will not happen if banks are not loaning out money to businesses, and if the President continues his radical agenda of higher taxes, health care, and cap and trade. I honestly do not see things getting better until there is a new President and until the Democrats lose their majority. The only reasonable outcome I see is a country in larger debt on a track to Communism. I say Communism because we are already on a fast track to Socialism which will be complete by the time this President is out of office. They want the economy in shambles, they want us in debt, that is how they convince us to accept their radical agenda, and the sheep will continue to follow as always.

Quinton Figueroa: I think you were right in

I think you were right in your initial assessment, it's just a weird post because I am taking a weird angle to get my point across. I obviously agree that it's not that simple and some loans do have value. People just need to understand the underlying dynamics and be very careful.

Anonymous: How about stopping the

How about stopping the criminal banksters engineering financial crises to consolidate markets and prompt taxpayer bailouts to the very crooks who cause them.

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