I think America is a lot like the story of Adam and Eve. You had a highly concentrated mix of DNA that was slowly brought down by the rest of the world. And while it did dilute the progeny of Adam and Eve, it helped uplift the rest of the world. America is in this same predicament. It had a highly concentrated core that severely left its mark on the world in the most positive of ways. The world has experienced a huge uplift as a result of these new concepts and ideas shared by the best of the world at the time. As the world has digested these teachings it has experienced a definite uplift, but America has experienced the inevitable deterioration, as did Adam and Eve.

We are at a time where all the good of America has been dispersed throughout the world and it is time for the next concentration of leadership and direction. The world is ready to be uplifted once more to the next level and in doing so will require a new group to set this bar for them.

There are still many, many people throughout the world now that have learned the teachings of our Founding Fathers and adopted these patterns of philosophy. It is now time for this group of honest, moral and intelligent people to set forth as the pilgrims did hundreds of years ago and mark their territory in the next new world. I'm not by any means talking about a fascist, dictatorial, technocratic new world order built on slavery and perversion, but rather the next step of what the world's greatest men and outside forces have been working towards throughout history - a place of freedom, equality, respect, moral, self-responsibility and love.

Even our Founding Fathers, themselves, said that when tyranny takes over it is time for us to do something about it and fix it. We need to overthrow them or abandon them completely. The time is here, we are nearing the end of America and a new age is emerging. It is time for a new America to be built even stronger than the previous one. It is time to run with the principles of the Constitution and even improve on them.

The opportunity is prime, and I highly suspect God will once again favor such a purpose and side with those who respect nature, discipline, hard-work, spiritual ends and all the things taught by the world's greatest men, as best represented through Jesus.

Read through the Declaration of Independence and see what these men were escaping from. They were escaping from what we have now become. They knew that they could do better than tyranny, they knew that the world was begging somebody to finally live appropriately so it could bear forth the most prosperous and respected nation in modern times. In a period of 100 years America became the greatest nation and many immigrated to experience the most full form of life one could experience here on our planet Earth.

We need to be faithful, hopeful and prepared to take on this endeavor which is nearing climax. We may not have a land to accomplish such a task, but we do have the people ready to put forth the work. The time is nearing for those of wisdom to step up to the plate and frame the next paradigm for the advancement of civilization.

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Concerned: The Time is Now Indeed

Everything you wrote is true. We are now facing the toughest task ever, that of protecting our liberty. The founding fathers feared this time would come. They knew very well that our constitution provided so much freedom that the seeds of our own destruction were sewn into it. It is my belief that there was one grave error in the Constitution, which is the ability to amend it. Of course, without that ability it would be as if to say it was perfect, however amendments are what are retracting our liberty.

The only chance we have at succeeding is to equip ourselves with the proper knowledge to understand what is happening. Far too many people live life in ignorance of subjects of great importance, those of history and politics. Unfortunately, those ignorant people make up a large percentage of the votes that elect the collectivists who are willing to destroy our country systematically by enacting more laws and regulations that infringe on our individual rights. Thus, we need to spread our knowledge to as many as we can. We need to do this through blogs, talk radio, word of mouth and any other means available. People need to read up on history and understand that it will also decide our future if we don't correct the mistakes we are making.

You made a good point in that people should read the Declaration of Independence. They should also read The Federalist and anti federalist papers. If anyone has an iPhone you can get an application for free of the Constitution and The Federalist Papers. I have both and refer to them often. Currently I am reading the anti federalist papers.

I wish people would also come to realize that America was never intended to be a democracy. I hit on this point often but it is a critical fact. We were meant to be a Republic, and the founders knew full well how detrimental a pure democracy would be to our freedom. Thus, the word democracy is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. However, today all of the politicians and media refer to our country as a democracy. Isn't that great, the majority rules with no respect to individual liberty. The current health care bill is clear example of how well a democracy works; 60 senators voted in favor to 39 who opposed, and everybody suffers. We will be forced to buy a product off of the private market or government whether we choose to or not, otherwise face a fine or imprisonment. That's the result of a great democracy.

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