Pop Quiz!

Question 1: Generally speaking, who is the most developed intellectually and emotionally - children, adults, or senior citizens?

Question 2: Who has the smallest ego - children, adults, or senior citizens?

Learning from your elders

I think it's pretty clear that senior citizens are the most mature intellectually and emotionally while children are the least mature. Adults are somewhere in the middle in a transitional phase. Since most of us are maturing through life and eventually grow into being a senior citizen, I think it is safe to say that this is a more developed form. As a result of seniors being what we are working towards and becoming I also find it safe to say that the smaller the ego the better.

It really doesn't take much work to find how mature older people really are. Sure they may be a bit slower physically and not quite as sharp as they once were, but don't let these cosmetics fool you. If you spend just a little time with them you will see how well they are with people and how warm they make you feel. They are never trying to impress you with their looks or physical ability (partially because they can't) and instead they dig deeper to delivering a much more honest and true inside character. Each of us should strive for this type of character rather than the egotistical delusion that we live in.

Low Quality People

So why then do so many people have a such a HUGE ego? I'll tell you why: they're small people. I don't know any other way to put it. The ego stems from jealousy, greed, fear, hate, and many other negative attributes. It becomes quite obvious that it is the more mature form to be less ego driven, yet people all day long are trying to prove something to everyone and save face.

Let's think about this for a minute. When has having an ego really helped you make the right decisions in your life? Actions driven from the ego usually are selfish and a result of trying to make up for some inadequacy. If there was no feeling for getting even, or being better or proving somebody wrong you would never go around bragging or being proud every chance you get.

A look at some egotistical leaders

...right I forgot, there aren't any.

A look at some humble, self-sacrificing, non-egotistical leaders

  • Jesus - This guy had the smallest ego out of anyone I have researched. When did he ever try to prove he was better than anyone? When did he ever treat others as a lesser individual? After looking at somebody such as Jesus it becomes very clear that no ego is much better than a huge ego.
  • Abraham Lincoln - Another humble man with a small ego.
  • Bill Gates
  • Warren Buffet
  • Walt Disney
  • Michael Jordan
  • Sergey Brin
  • the list goes on and on...

The ego is not the answer

The ego really is the result of people trying to make up for something. Developed people have nothing to make up for and therefore are able to fully spend their time working on much more useful tasks. Why waste your time trying to emotionally find your role when you could be productively helping others?

Please, throw the ego out the window and move on to a humble lifestyle of honesty and integrity! Is it really that fun to try to prove you're better than other people all the time? Does it feel good to always be playing catch up with others? Why not clear your mind of all these weaknesses and approach each other with an earnest sense of caring and respect?

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