There were quite a few things in the movie that I found really cool. For one, I liked the whole dark and blue feeling. It just set the mood of the movie perfectly. For a movie about vampires and werewolfs the movie just has to be dark. I don’t think I recall one scene where it was actually light out and the viewer felt secure. The whole time I was kept in the dark and cold ‘Underworld’. I also liked the way there were able to get the fast falloff to work well with this. It gave the characters an even scarier look, as in certain shots only half of their face was revealed by the light. That style of lighting created a much more edgy and scary feeling.

I’m not sure if we’re supposed to comment on music or not, but I noticed how they constantly had some type of ambient tone keeping the dark feel alive. Most of the time it would just be some low bass type noise – kind of like a heart beat. It just added to the environment even more, so you really felt as if you were there.

One of the really cool parts was towards the beginning when Selene threw those blade things at the werewolf. I loved how it went to slow motion and zoomed in so the viewer was forced to comprehend what was going on. I liked how I got to see close-ups of all the little details and how I was able to catch just how dangerous these really were. It reminded me of the bullet time sequences from The Matrix.

Another really cool part was when the camera would follow as if you were a werewolf. The put kind of a radial blur on the outer edges of video, so it looked as if the werewolfs had kind of a distorted vision – it made it clear that they did not view things as the Vampires did. The camera was also very shaky to show the chaotic level that these creatures were at.
I was also a fan of how well the movie gave the feeling of the werewolfs living in a wet, dirty, and dormant area. Every time they showed the needles and the beakers it would just send goose bumps down your back and you would get the point, that these guys are barbaric and crazy. Even the scientist guy has a very untrustworthy look about him. I especially liked the part when the blood was dropped into the beaker. Just the way it diffused and separated gave me a feeling of discomfort. I thought those parts of the movie were developed well.
During the car scene the camera was very shaky and the angles were very sharp. You would see a closeup of Lucian’s blade, and then when it struck the car’s roof, the scene would immediately cut to staring at the blade from inside the car. This is exactly the type of editing you would want though, because it intensifies this particular event very well.

Towards the end of the movie when Victor was making his move, there were quite a few action scenes. I couldn’t really keep count of the camera movements and cuts, but there were many. The camera would pay special attention to specifically what was going on. Like when Victor drew his sword, it was a close shot showing you exactly how much more dangerous he would now be. And when Michael and Victor were fighting at the end, there were moments when the camera would get a close shot of the face intensifying the character and demonstrating that he was now ready for business. At the very end, if I recall correctly, the camera slowed down when Selene cut Victor’s face in half. I believe there are two reasons this occurred. One, because it’s just really cool to see an awesome fight sequence in slow motion, and two, to build up some irony as to what really happened. It’s not until the next cut, that you figure it out and say, yes, Selene really did slice Victor’s face in half.

Over all, I thought the movie did a great job of showcasing the way the ‘Underwold’ feels. The whole movie stayed consistent with the picture quality and it never let you take a break to breathe normal everyday life. I thought the movie went together quite well. The cinematography and lighting sent its message to me clearly.

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