Government entities almost NEVER make profits. And the United States Post Office is no exception. All you have to do is view the 2010 numbers:

And then compare it to UPS:

Or FedEx:

Kinda crazy how a company can lose $8.5 billion a year and still stay in business. And this isn't something out of the ordinary for them. 2009 was a $3.8 billion loss, 2008 $2.8 billion loss, 2007 $5.1 billion loss. It's out of the ordinary for this business to make a PROFIT.

Way to go guys. You have way more people in your lines due to subsidized cheap prices yet still manage to pull off an $8.5 billion dollar loss on $67 billion in revenue. Looks like the kind of business that would do terrible in the real world. But I guess in government fantasy land it's okay to pretend that the United States Post Office is a needed enterprise.

Why don't you hire more losers that are incompetent and incoherent? And have fun cutting Saturday out of the mix as if that is going to fix anything. If the private sector was as stupid as the government the whole nation would starve by sundown.

I mean seriously, how do you yield such a huge loss when you don't even have to market your company? You have lining up at your doors, your lines are always packed (due to terrible management) and these guys still can't find a way to turn a profit?

Hint: If the free market can do something better than the government (which is the case 99% of the time) then the government should get out. Leave. Bye. Done. No government in that market. It's not needed. But for some reason people aren't into free enterprise and consequently nations decline. Way to choose security over freedom .

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Dolor: What a wasteful activity and

What a wasteful activity and spending money. I'm just wondering if what others saying and doing if they already know about this thing and there's a big money concerning on this matter. Why is it happen and continue operating?


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