You've probably heard it all the time and perhaps even thought about it. Whether everything in our universe is balanced. For every positive, there is a negative. I would have to agree with this for the most part but I still don't think it's a complete answer.

Most things in our universe have a negative, but do they really? The negative of white is black. The negative of happy is sad. And on and on.

Now what balances out something like hunger for instance? Food perhaps. What about being tired? Sleep. How about light? Darkness? As you can see, the further you take this to the atomic level (which is just one way to take it) things start to break down.

Take the example of light for instance. Light could be coined a positive as it is something, and it may be fair to say that the negative is darkness. The problem is of course that darkness isn't the opposite of light, it is the absense of light. I don't actually invert a light source when I flip a light switch off, I merely disable it. So, that leaves the question what is the negative of light? Is there one? Should there be one?

If I were to look at energy I would say that it is something. For this energy to exist there has to be some type of "positive" lets say to allow for this expression. Since this is a positive what would the negative be? I don't think it could be nothing, since that is just an absense of it. I don't think it could be negative energy because what's that?

I really don't have an answer for what the opposite of light is. But what I do know, is that there is something that exists, that I can't find a balance for which I find extremely strange. It's almost like a constant force that is always producing without any waste or negative effect. Perhaps if I was more scientific I would be able to answer this, maybe it has been answered. But for now I will sit here in amazement at both my own stupidity and the brilliance of our universe.

So after a bit of thought I don't think our universe is balanced. It is in the sense of our everyday life, but when you start looking at things like light and energy I don't know what balances these out. They seem to be above balance. What are your thoughts?

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R Davis: Balance.

Hi Quinton - sorry - to have taken so long to get here man - time & space travel is not as supersonic as it is made out to be.

Is it balance - or an over ride button ?
A case of "let's go for broke & see where it takes us." .................. "wow man" - "wow" - "push the button dude" - "push the button" - "now man" - "NOW."

Light & dark are brother & sister - we need both for the universe to function.
The opposite of happy is not sad - but burn out.

I read a little bit of your book - great stuff - so did you get busy elsewhere - did you give up - or do you have another website where you put forth your wisdom ?

Steve Watson: The opposite of light, is the

The opposite of light, is the potential for light. Aka darkness. Much like the opposite of kinetic energy is potential energy. The two sides are infinite everything (aka god?) and infinite nothing or infinite potential (aka mother). Both are infinite though. Life and reality occurs between the two extremes in every sense.

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