Our money is debt. In order for our money to exist it must be LENT to us and it has INTEREST attached to it. Every dollar in existence is a "bill" that must be paid back to its owner. We can only pay this bill back with more bills. Therefore, it is mathematically impossible for us to have anything but inflation regardless of anything else. Every dollar in existence is naturally inflationary as there is interest attached to it.

What does this mean? It means that if we were to just sit back and have no taxes, no expenses and no deficits we would still go into debt. If we were to just sit back and simply use our "money" our currency would inevitably collapse. The algorithm behind our currency is created so it will fail. I don't know how else to say it. Our currency is designed to fail. Our dollar is designed to collapse. The US Dollar is a giant scam.

If we were to get out of our debt we would have to stop using our money. As long as we are using our current money system under our current laws it is mathematically impossible to reverse the increase in debt. To pay back our debt would be to render every dollar in existence non-existent. We don't have real money in this country. We don't pay for or buy things, we simply discharge debts.

Jordan Maxwell says it best. Paraphrasing him... Let's say you decide to paint somebody's fence. When you are done painting it you walk up to him and give him a BILL asking for $20. In return for your BILL he hands you a $20 BILL. So you hand him a BILL and he hands you a BILL. You've both exchanged BILLS and everyone seems happy. But you didn't receive anything. You now have a $20 BILL and he now has a BILL. That's not money. That's a BILL. Yes, he did get a painted fence, but he didn't pay you for it, he BILLED you for it. You now owe $20 to somebody. The bill is not money, it's debt. That's why it's called a bill. It is a bit more technical than this, but this is an overview. Our money is a bill and debt because it is created out of thin air and then loaned to us. We use them thinking we are getting something in return, but the reality is we are giving people bills in exchange for more bills. We are living in a fake debt economy that has nowhere to go but collapse. That is why we can not pay anything off. That is why we are becoming poorer and more enslaved.

People are worried about QE3 creating more inflation yet fail to realize our laws are inflation. It doesn't matter if we never have another QE ever again. Inflation is on the way no matter what we do, unless of course we rework our money algorithm. Our current money laws are set up for failure. They are set to render all of our real assets and labor to the Queen. The way the Fed works is inflation. Inflation is our money. Welcome to the British United States Corporation that took over our great republic in oh... 1868. Way to go guys.

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We have a fiat currency. This means it is paper money that is not backed by anything. It used to be backed by Gold, and every bill was redeemable in the amount of Gold on the bill. Now that we do not use the gold standard our money is backed by confidence. Though I do agree with you that we will always have inflation and always have, I disagree with your premise that the debt cannot be paid down. Don't get me wrong however, I don't believe for a second that the government ever will, but it is possible. If the government were to cut the big spending programs like social security, medicare, welfare, and defense, and even eliminate the first three altogether, then the debt could be paid down. The debt is no different than any other debt, the only problem is that those in charge of it know nothing about finance, nor do they care since it isn't their money. The ability for Congress to spend money that we don't have is what causes the massive debt problem and deficit spending. But if we went back to the gold standard all of our problems would be fixed. This is why the gold standard was abolished, so that politicians could spend as much as they wanted. The inflation kicks in when quantitative easing, the printing of money we don't have gets out of hand.

Then there is the confidence factor. As long as the rest of the world has confidence in our dollar we are fairly safe. Yet the minute they begin to lose confidence we are on shaky ground. That is the case now. Countries like China believe we are spending too much money and that their investment in our t-bills will decrease in value. If we were to get on a strict reduced budget, cut spending across the board, and eliminate all of the social programs we might have a chance at saving our dollar. However, the fact is the government is the Leviathan, it knows no other way in life than to grow until it finally implodes.

Our country will go broke, the dollar will fail, and freedom and prosperity will be gone. It's just a matter of how long before these happen. Anyone who denies this should do their research on The Roman Empire. We are heading down the same exact path they took. Expansion of the military, invading countries all over the world, too many social programs, and too much spending. This is a recipe for disaster, but we should get to see a lot of other countries go bankrupt first, and then we will follow. Europe is experiencing this right now. Japan will soon be in the same boat.

Concerned: I forgot to mention.........

Fractional Reserve Banking is what causes the ponzi scheme. Banks get to create money out of thin air and only have to keep a fraction of the deposits from customers in reserve. It is a confusing scheme but one worth reading up on for anyone not familiar with it. I won't go into detail but can provide an excellent video tutorial to watch. It's called Money as Debt and has 5 parts to it. I recommend watching all 5 even if you already understand fractional reserve banking and the monetary system.

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