Answer: They both preach doomsday.

I was at the gym the other day talking to somebody (in the sauna) about climate change and he was sharing with me his take on things. He was saying how if we didn't do anything New York could be completely under water in 10 years. He said this is what the top authorities on this subject are saying. He talked about how there is a lot at stake for the whole world if we don't deal with climate change. New York would be the first of many places to be destroyed. Our whole world would become worse and worse as we failed to approach the troubles of global warming.

I got to thinking and it hit me - I have heard this end of the world scenario somewhere before. Oh yes, that's right: the Christian Apocalypse. The Christians preach a very similar end of the world scenario that creates fear.

So I suppose it is somewhat comical to consider that all the progressives and atheists that preach global warming and climate change can hold hands with the Christians that preach the coming apocalypse. They both share in their fear for the end of the age and their hopes that somebody will come along and save them from the tragedy about to unfold. Progressives await the coming Government Messiah while Christians await THE Messiah. Interesting indeed.

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Concerned: Climate Change

Good post, you summed it up very well. I associate the climate change movement to communism. It shares all of the same characteristics and as you said they are scaring people into accepting the almighty government as the savior. See my post on it at my blog for a more in-depth comparison of the two.

You make a good point about Christianity as well. All of the different churches share the same view but different approaches to get there. However, the two groups you referenced have entirely different goals. I can live with the religions preaching their message of doing good to one another, but I can't tolerate the climate change people trying to invade my personal liberties. Climate skeptics are mentally ill and I mean that literally. How else can one come to the conclusion that carbon dioxide is destroying our planet. I mean really, come on, the stuff we breathe out that trees breath in is the doom to our planet. Why don't they consider this? If increased carbon pollution causes temperatures to go up, and carbon pollution has consistently increased since the industrial revolution or the invention of the automobile, then why have temperatures not gone up consistently since then also? Why was there a global cooling scare before and now it is a warming scare? Why have temperatures not increased over the last several years, but carbon pollution has skyrocketed.

Follow the money and you will find the source of Global Warming. I'd suggest starting at Al Gore and go from there.

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