There are times in one’s life when a direction desired is only achievable through enlightened aurora. For it is times like this that just one friend may make all the difference, and this additional piece of life will build hope upon the future. The following is an example of how, “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light” (Helen Keller).

It was an early Saturday morning. Quinton Figueroa was working attentively on his computer trying his hardest to complete the almost impossible desires of his latest web client. There was just too much work to accomplish and too little time to finish it. Once again, Quinton checked his watch – it read 8:34 AM. According to the client, the web site had to be completed and ready for rollout by 5:00 PM that very day. No matter how long or how hard Quinton worked on the computer, it seemed almost impossible to fulfill the client’s demands. It was nearly unthinkable for just one man to create the full interface in such a short time frame, but at the same time essential to the future of Quinton’s clientele. Quinton, checked his watch – 9:03; time was ticking.

Suddenly the ring of a nearby telephone rippled the air. Quinton questioned himself on whether or not to pick up the telephone, as he did not want to get further pressured if it was the client on the other end. The phone rang again. In great fear and disposition, Quinton grabbed for the phone. It was his friend Ben Schoeffler. A sigh of relief was released by Quinton. Ben Schoeffler was quickly informed of the details pertaining to Quinton’s project. Since all Ben really wanted was somebody to go to the movies with, there really was not much more incentive for him to stay on the line. Being the great friend he was, however, Ben did not hang up, instead he offered himself as an aid to Quinton’s tedious project.

Ten minutes after the call, Ben arrived at Quinton’s house. He immediately offered inspirational techniques and guides that were a truly uplifting and rejuvenating to the mind. Things were picking up. The project was starting to take form and the ideas were now flowing heavily. What was once a lonely struggle for creativity had now been transformed into an energetic collaboration of conceptions and solutions. What was nearly unattainable for Quinton to complete by himself a few minutes ago was quickly taking shape with the help of his loyal companion. As the clock rolled over to 4:00 the two were just finishing up the project. Quinton emailed the client, and the deadline was been met ahead of schedule. If it was not for the help and encouragement of his great friend Ben, the deadline may have never been met, and future jobs may have never been achieved.

The willingness that Ben Schoeffler brought forth that Saturday morning showed his commitment and trust to his friend. There was nobody forcing him to help out, or nobody paying him to offer services, this all came from deep within the soul and heart.

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