Oops. Forgot to think about that one. Doesn't anybody understand that the government is funded by people with NON-GOVERNMENT jobs? -- People who are threatened of losing their paycheck on a daily basis if they under-perform or mess up. People living in the real world of good AND bad -- not just good like the spoon-fed government employees.

The government can only exist so long as there are people who can afford to practice free-enterprise. When taxes and laws force these people into more government jobs we are finished. And that is exactly what is happening. Government cannot continue to grow while the private sector shrinks. We are seriously living in a world of .

But that's okay. Government employees will get what's coming to them. When their fixed incomes continue to buy less and less they will slowly start to figure it out. When inflation renders their BS pension virtually worthless and it costs them $20 to buy a gallon of gas maybe then they will start to understand what's really going on. On 2nd thought, just kidding. The don't know their way out of a paper bag.

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