Most people are good by nature. Most animals, like dogs or cats, are even better. This is why people get upset when a dog or a cat is hurt. Even more plants are good and basically all minerals are good. What am I getting at? Less intelligent things are usually good. We live in a world that heavily champions being good, but rarely champions being good AND smart. While most people may be good, they are far from being smart. And once people do finally become smart, they lose their good.

As you become smarter there is greater tendency to become bad. This is why less intelligent beings are more good. They don't know how to be bad. They don't know how to bend the rules. They don't know how to take advantage of others. They don't have the capacity to plan ahead and manipulate things to their advantage. These are all foreign to them, as it is to lesser species.

I am of the opinion that this is one of the largest problems facing mankind. And I don't see it as a terrible thing really, it's just part of our evolution. We are here to become smarter and develop our own creative minds while still maintaining our good-nature.

The unfortunate truth, however, is that most people's minds get sucked in and formatted with the dogma that we are only to be good. Everywhere you go it seems people say that's all we need to do. Be good to each other and everything will be okay. Love is the only truth. Love one another and there will be peace on earth. I don't think this can be the case. I don't think being good is the answer. I think being good is a part of the answer, but I think there are other pieces to this answer, a big piece being intelligence.

People get so wrapped up around love and being good and fail to realize that although love and positive thinking provides many useful things, it doesn't fix all of our problems. People of great minds can still easily manipulate those good-natured, stupid people nonetheless. This is why humans rule animals and animals don't rule humans. It is very easy to take advantage of a good person. In fact, good people are usually the most gullible people you will meet. They get burned on a daily basis.

These good-natured people are not developing themselves simply by being good. They are missing important lessons in life by stepping away from intelligence. You can't read the Bible by being good. You can't create a musical masterpiece by being good. You can't even drive a car by being good. Being good only goes so far.

It seems many organizations, religion in particular, have almost completely neglected the intelligence/critical thinking part of our evolution. They escape the hard, real lesson of developing the mind. It is much easier to simply be good. It is much easier to be an animal than a human. Humans are required to think, animals not so much.

Case in point: Jesus wasn't an idiot. He read books. He did his homework. He studied hard. Even though he was a good person, he also WAS NOT by any means an idiot. Why are people so scared to be like Jesus in living the good AND intelligent life?

Maybe being good in this day and age just isn't enough.

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