I really don't get it. I've read a number of books and talked to countless people and it's always the same. Atheists claim that there is no God and then they go on and attack religions.

Attacking religions is fine and all but why is there the assumption that religion = God? Dawkins is especially bad about this. I hold Dawkins in very high respect, however after reading his book "The God Delusion" I can't help but realize that he missed the whole point. He says there's no God and then shows the problems with religion, primary Christianity. Debunking religion doesn't somehow transfer over to debunking God.

How do you define God? Is God Christianity? Is God science? Is God everything? Are you a God? I find it strange how so many people make claims about something when they haven't even defined what it is they are talking about, especially when it comes to religion. Religion is extremely broad and simply saying religion is wrong, therefore God does not exist hardly gets one anywhere. Be specific.

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