I mean seriously. I drive down the street and every other house has lights, decorations and the whole shebang... so I think to myself what the frick is going on? Did somebody decide one round of gifts wasn't enough? I thought Christmas was the only holiday that people wasted money on. What's with all time and effort spent on setting up camp to mimic and blend in with evil spirits? I sniff the air and the scent of sheep is near, but I still can't quite put my finger on it - and then it hits me: oh yeah, we're in America.

Sometimes I forget.

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Ben: When did slayerment become

When did slayerment become marvquin?


Quinton Figueroa: Haha! I'm trying out a test.

Haha! I'm trying out a test. I've found that having a white background decreases my bounce rate a lot. I guess people just don't like dark backgrounds.

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