When did women get so into sports? It's almost creepy just how many women are into sports. It's almost like they have taken over the guy's position in liking sports. Since when did so many women enjoy watching a ball game? It's weird, it seems that it is normal these days for women to like sports and enjoy watching them. Everywhere I go and all the women I meet are into sports. It's almost like they're trying to earn a guys respect by being into the crap he likes. I just don't get it and I find it extremely unattractive. I don't respect guys that are into sports and I especially don't respect women that are.

Playing sports is one thing. Being active and physically fit and enjoying the DOING part of sports is healthy and great. But sitting on your butt, wasting time and watching sports? Are you freaking kidding me? When did women get tricked into this one? It really is bad enough that guys have been fooled into drinking beer and watching the Roman circus, but now women too? Something is not right here. Turn off the tube and be women! And please smack your boyfriends/husbands for being into such useless endeavors. Seriously, this is disappointing.

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Concerned: Couldn't agree more!

I have often wondered the same thing. Why is it that women are so excited about sports these days. It makes no sense, but if you call them out on it they give you that spill, "why can't women watch sports to?". Regardless of the reason, it is a turnoff to me. Sports are a waste of time for anyone in my opinion. I would rather be learning about serious issues as well as learning than to be bothered with sports. I don't understand how people can get so excited about something which they have no investment in, other than all the clothes and other souvenirs they waste money on. Will my life be different tomorrow if the Eagles win or lose? Or would it be more important to understand the growing deficits that our elected representatives are piling up. Try having a conversation with a die-hard sports fan about anything other than sports, something with substantial importance in the world, and see how much they know. Typically in my encounters these people don't even know who Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid are. But to make it even more laughable, they complain about politics once in a while and sound like idiots because they have no clue about economics, history, or politics for that matter. One thing is certain for me, women who like sports are turnoffs.

dwightmilton: Well its something you cannot

Well its something you cannot change. I is their liking and i guess most of the women like to see the handsome boys and hence they are interested in sports. But again i would say its completely their choice and life so you cannot force them to change their interest.

Robert: Women and watching sports

I do not understand this. When did the majority of women like watching sports. I am a guy and I don't like to watch sports. When I contact a woman on a dating site, I am not sure how to handle this. Should I tell her I do not like to watch sports? At that point, the traditional roles are reversed. Will she not be interested in me? I can just see it. She is vegging out on the couch watching the football game and I want to her to do things with me instead. Wow, the world is upside down today. Also, when I go to sport events for my children, it is the women screaming and acting aggressive at what is going on on the field. I am sitting there quiet. It is not that important.

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