It seems as though the people suffering the most from this financial blunder are the ones who brought it upon themselves. For the most part the businessmen and entrepreneurs are still able to make due and will most likely hold their ground as long as they are attached to a real industry and business. The businessmen saw this coming long ago when all these bills were being pushed. They have since taken the measures to protect themselves and their families. The ones who didn't see it coming, and who are hurt the worst, are the ones who brought it on themselves.

Now sure, we all know it's those evil, greedy corporations who did this. They're the ones who off-shored all our factories and what have you. Of course they are. And the people supported them 100% of way. So now deal with it. You made the decision. Not the corporations. You didn't have to buy their products. You didn't have to vote for them with your dollar. It's your problem now, not theirs.

The same people who warned of NAFTA, GATT, free trade and all the BS are the same ones saying all the current BS will also lead to even greater problems. But it's pretty hard to educate somebody who's not ready to be educated. It's pretty hard to think in the long term when one can only grasp the short term. And so the long term thinkers prepare for the losses caused by the short term thinkers, while the short term thinkers suffer their own bitter ends. It appears as though these bad decisions obviously pushed by very intelligent beings and blindly supported by people who go along to get along are finally coming to fruition and now the supporters are seeing what bad decisions and not caring lead to.

I for one don't care one bit about the economy. I'm passed it. If it crashes fine. If I suffer fine. I would much rather see justice served than have to go on being part of a fake country that has depleted itself of nearly all virtue and value. Perhaps it's time we stop going along to get along and start practicing real principles.

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Concerned: My 2 cents on the matter

You are correct that we allowed this to happen, and that most people do not care to educate themselves on the important subjects of politics and economics. However, I believe the problem has also been enabled by the federal government and their relationship to lobbyists and friends on Wall Street, but as you stated, it is our fault for allowing these cronies to run our country in the first place. Another major factor has been the unions and the current president who favors the unions. One must realize that this president has no private sector business experience, and unions have no clue how to run a company as they do not do anything except harm the companies they represent. The destruction of the auto industry is mostly if not all related to the unions and poor management. The government needs to stay out of the free market and allow the cycle to run its course. Government intervention is what causes problems, thus it is not possible for it to provide a remedy. I believe the biggest problem with the government is their interventionist policies and Keynesian approach to economics. If we applied the Austrian School of Economics in our economy the private sector would operate as a true free market and the economy would prosper. When companies are on the brink of failure that is exactly what needs to happen. Let them fail, otherwise no lessons are learned and the problems persist. Where one company fails another will prosper. The sad reality of all of this is that nothing will change except more government regulations and less freedom. One day when it is too late people will realize they've been had by the government via a perfect plan of incremental policy making which erodes our liberty on a consistent basis. Our once great Republic has turned into a Democracy where the majority rule, thus 51% take the freedom from the opposing 49%. All government leads to totalitarianism and we have entered the express lane over the last several years.

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